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  1. Sentence Order

    Thanks Terry Does help alot, but it would be nice if Ver 8 could display both Kenny
  2. Sentence Order

    Is there a way to display the sort dates on the Person page (display)? Sure would be handy Thanks Kenny
  3. Birth Sentence

    True I have done just that. Thanks Teresa
  4. Birth Sentence

    Thanks Terry and Michael I just did not think it looked OK but it sounded OK You guys are great, so is TMG Kenny
  5. I am having trouble to make a birth tag sentence come out with some clarity, with my inability to grasp the English language properly. I have many births that I know only the state, no town. Here is my sentence: [PG] was born <[D]> in [L5] But when it prints out it does not sound right "Georg was born in 1923 in Kansas." Since I don't have his day he was born on it just does not sound right. To many "IN's" Any suggestions I would really appreciate. Thanks to this dumb question Kenny
  6. Relationships

    Thanks Michael I'll toy with that idea Kenny
  7. Relationships

    Kenny, Sorry, but there's no easy way to add custom content to the relationship section that SS adds to the person page entry. Thanks John
  8. Relationships

    Thanks a bunch John and Michael Of course, I did not want to hear that. Heck that's not very complex, I remember something like this a 3rd G grandfather that's also a couple cousins, I think there was 6 relationships. Michael, you said add a tag to describe that, if I did that John how could I get that tag to be under or on top of the relationship statement in SS? Kenny
  9. TMG V7.04 I have a weird situation, My ancestors are all intermingled, for instance, My 4th G Grandfather's father is shown as my 3rd G Grandfather on the "Automatic Relation tag" to me. I goto "Relationship" calculator and it is true but also shows him as my 5th G Grandfather which is also true. Question, how do I get the "Automatic Relation Tag" to show up as my 5th not my 3rd SS also shows him as my 3rd Love to change it Thanks Kenny
  10. Memo

    Thanks Micheal and Terry Simple but effective Good job Kenny
  11. Memo

    How can I keep the memo field from any report and Second Site, I just want it to be a note of information for me only? I have it in a "Note Tag" Thanks Kenny
  12. Rootsmagic IV

    Thanks Jim We will give it a try Kenny
  13. Hi all I have a possible distant cousin that uses Rootsmagic IV and he sent me his backup which is an .rmgb file, TMG asks for a .sqz to import from Rootsmagic, woops TMG says it will import from Roots IV, is this the same as Rootsmagic? Any idea how I can import his stuff with the exception of Gedcom? Thanks Kenny
  14. Moving data to "D" Drive

    Thanks Robin and Jim Everything is just the way I want it, I now have control back Kenny
  15. TMG Ver 7.04, Windows 7 I installed a solid state drive for my "C" drive and am using a HD for my data. I moved my data from the "C" drive to the "D" drive, everything is working fine with the exception when I open TMG it always makes a new directory under my "User" directory, then I have to show it where it is. As long as I do not erase the TMG directory and it's sub's that it created everything works fine. The minute I erase the Directories on the "C" drive, well here we go again, when I open TMG it creates them again. Can't TMG take the hint, I own this computer, lock stock and barrel, I would think I could have it my way, why does TMG have to have it its way. No big deal but I like to keep my house very clean and organized. Don't get me wrong, I love TMG and have been using it for 10 years, great program. Kenny