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  1. A few days ago I deleted (from within TMG) several datasets from my project which I no longer need. Since then, every time I open TMG I always get: "Please wait Updating names" I have run "optimize, validate file integrity, optimize" several times. TMG seems to run normally, but I am worried that I have caused some kind of corruption by deleting the datasets. Before I begin to enter too much new data into this project, can someone please give me a clue as to whether I've got a problem? Thank you and Happy New Year! Karen
  2. This morning I tried to restore my TMG project on my second computer, and when I clicked on Restore from the Welcome screen I got this: Please wait while Windows configures AutoCad (went by too quickly to capture, but it said something like that) Then: AutoCAD LT 2015 The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'acadt.msi' in the box below. Use source: c:\Users\ etc. I clicked out of that, and could enter TMG in Repair Mode. I ran all the maintenance procedures, and backed-up and exited. Then I made a second attempt to open TMG and got the same AutoCad messages. I clicked on cancel and got this: Error 1706. No valid source could be found for the product AutoCad LT 2015 - English. The Windows installer cannot continue. clicked OK. TMG started normally at this point. Any ideas why opening TMG is trying to install AutoCad? - which by the way has been installed for a while and running normally. What can I do to avoid this problem in the future? Thanks Karen
  3. In TMG8.01, when I open another dataset in addition to my main dataset, there are no names for the second dataset in the Pick List. They do show in the Project Explorer, and the source list also contains the sources for the second dataset. When I have two datasets open at once, only the main dataset has names in the pick list. When I have only the second dataset open, the pick list gives me an error: OLE error code 0x800a017d: Unknown COM status code. 22 FRMNAMESEL.SHOW After that error occurred I tried the PE and finding that it worked, tried the Pick List again, but now clicking on it did nothing. Clicking on "File" or anything else, also did nothing, so I had to close out of TMG. Any suggestions? Karen
  4. Hello Vera, I do not believe that I edited the death tag, but I have now changed it to read as you indicated. Although all entries that contain information are correct, I am still getting English terms for the unknown information. Interestingly the blank family group sheet prints correctly with all German terms and no English. It's only on the FGS that have partial information, where I am getting a mish-mash of languages. Also, any ideas why the exhibit options are grayed out? Thanks Karen
  5. I'm having problems with the family group sheets. They are supposed to have Subject, Spouse, Children, and M and F in gray blocks, and the names in clear blocks, but mine only have a thin line separating the sections, and no blocks at all. See attached. Also, I am printing them in German, with blanks for filling in, but the Birth, Marriage, Death tags for the blank items are in English, not German! I realize I could edit this in Word, but that's a nuisance. Most importantly I would like to fix the general lay out problem, since I really don't like the way they are coming out. By the way, it makes no difference which language I choose. Only the pdf's look the way they should, but I can't edit the pdf to change the English words to German, so I can't use that in this case. I have to use the Word Document, because that's the only way I can edit them to fix the English problem. Another thing I have noticed is that the exhibit options are all grayed out, whether the person has exhibits or not. Why don't my charts look like the sample family chart? Karen Wilhelm_Forster_Familie.DOC
  6. Jim, My problem cleared up spontaneously a couple of weeks after it began. But this is interesting, because I believe I had updated Windows Media Player prior to receiving the error message. I had not installed anything new--just updated the Player, Antivirus and Spyware programs. I have, since then, updated Windows Media Player at least once more, and maybe that corrected the problem. I'll keep this fix in mind though, should it occur again. Thanks! Karen
  7. I've just discovered that I can open exhibit properties on my laptop with no problem. The problem is just on the desktop, which is the computer I usually use for entering data. On both computers, the exhibits are external and they have the same path. Is it safe for me to update my project on the laptop at this point, or will I be transferring the problem to it? Thanks Karen
  8. For some reason I can't open "properties" on any of my exhibits anymore. I can view them, but it's impossible to add a caption or any other information. I'm using 6.12 and I run all three maintenance procedures every time before closing the program This is the error: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 35 FRMEXHIBIT.MSETPROPERTY What's causing this, and how can I correct it? Thanks Karen