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  1. V7 Hang up on start

    Thanks Virgina. Fortunately the message screen disappeared after I left the computer for about four hours. I then went in and changed the preferences to zero days as you suggested. I was then able to restart TMG V7 without any problem. This is something that I think the Wholly Genes staff should investigate. Bob Tomonto Miami, Fl
  2. V7 Hang up on start

    I agree with you on the cause but I have turned off Norton and can not get into the TMG V7 to change preferences. I get the message about the special deal on my version 6 and don't have a problem there. Maybe I should remove Version 7 and download another copy. Then I can change preferences. That sounds like too drastic a fix for what is likely a system problem. Suggestions!! Bob Tomonto
  3. When Starting up V7 I get a Progress Screen for some sort of Query. It is apparently retrieving messages and hangs up at 20%. I can not remove this and start up. Would appreciate any comments. Bob Tomonto