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  1. Still Waiting For Version 8

    I am just a user like yourself and don't work for WhollyGenes, but my understanding is that this is a small company. In fact, historically I believe much of the code was written just by Bob Velke himself. I do not believe WG has any significant group of internal staff to "test extensively internally". I feel sure that the people who write the changes to TMG do some testing first. But, my understanding is that most of the testing of TMG is done by a set volunteer users who "beta" test new/changed features in order to identify deficiencies and "show stoppers" so that either that feature can be fixed prior to a release or delayed to a later release. I suspect the software is much less complete than you believe when it begins this beta testing. As a retired professional software person, I have been involved in many commercial and government "beta" software tests. All my beta experiences were very different than your assumptions about "standard beta terminology". The software was always much less complete than you suggest. Like Jim said, especially in the case of small software companies like WhollyGenes I suspect your assumptions about the nature of the software prior to "beta" testing are ungrounded. Just my opinion, Inadequate testing using a small population is no excuse. It is merely an explanation and Wholly Genes, if it wants to be best of breed, should strive to do better.
  2. Still Waiting For Version 8

    For what it's worth (probably not too much), I will not upgrade to another version of TMG that uses FoxPro.
  3. Rootsmagic IV

    Sadly, none of the major genealogy programs want us to move data around... if we did, it would be too easy to jump ship to a competitor. I bet the export and re-import of the GEDCOM is less than stellar.
  4. Ken, have you tinkered with GRAMPS in the last 2 years or so? I noticed that version 3.2.3 just came out and I like what I see as well.
  5. I took a look at GRAMPS last night and I like what I see. Has anyone had experience using it in full production?
  6. The Future for TMG

    I'd like to see TMG go open source, with a parallel development in Linux. And I do agree with the Visual FoxPro comments above.
  7. Version 8?

    While it's obviously not a genealogy database, I like the look of Google Chrome: http://www.google.com/chrome Interlocking windows that snap, better use of tabs and color out of the box, and use of the true Windows GUI rather than some weird DOS-like overlay are but three suggestions. I honestly like the look of FTM 2009 better than TMG 7, but appreciate TMG's database capabilites more. I just wish TMG's interface were more cutting-edge.
  8. Version 8?

    Is there a wiki somewhere outlining changes forthcoming in Version 8? Any chance the old "FoxPro look" can be done away with and more modern-looking GUI used for the app's interface?
  9. GUI

    The Mistral font is used in the "Wholly Genes Software" logo at the top of the forum (top left). It's to the right of that horrid little ink plume that is quite tired too. I actually think FTM 2008 is better laid out than TMG 7. It's more my taste I guess designwise. I am not arguing merits of data-tracking, but, rather, the "look" of the standard screen. TMG tracks data well; but, its interface is clunky and needlessly "busy." ... BTW, I've used TMG since 2002. ;-| A simpler interface would attract more consumers. Maybe Velke et al are not interested in greater sales? Dunno...
  10. GUI

    God, I was hoping for a newer GUI on this sad old program. It looks like v6. The app. "look" needs a revamp -- Web 2.0 style IMHO. At least they changed that horrid default pink start-up icon. Now that was tired! And who picked that wretched Mistral font on this website? Somebody call a graphic designer! At least get one on board for the next version...