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  1. I'm having a problem with calling and external text file from a memo field. I am following the description listed in the help section as listed below but with no success. The text example is printed out in the narrative report. Any suggestions to solve the problem please. Vernon In addition to text entered into Memo fields within the program, you can store a memo in an external text file that can be called from the memo field. Such text will be used when a report is generated just as though it had been entered directly into the memo field. To use text from an external file, an exclamation point must be the first character in the memo field, followed by the drive, path and name of the text file. For example: !C:\MYDATA\ABC.TXT
  2. Thank you for the replies. Problem is now solved. Some time ago I had to do a complete computer restore which turned out to be rather complicated resulting in the drives being renamed i.e. C: drive became D(C:) drive and D: drive became C(D:). I am aware that you can rename drives other than the root drive easily but some research indicated that with the proper software renaming the root drive could be fraught with problems and I decided to let well alone. From the TMG help "Access folders" TMG show all the files as being located on the D: when they are in fact installed on the C:drive. I was aware of this and tried what I thought were all the combinations of file folder locations and the calling statement but without success. I obviously did not do a very good job because I now have the calling statement and the file location correctly synchonised. Thanks to the forum for the prompt help Vernon
  3. Hi there Micheal Thank you for your reply. I am creating an individual narrative report. The [M] memo variable is included correctly in the tag entry sentence and works correctly for any text when it is included in the Memo. I have tried just in case all the options within the Memo report settings without success. It appears as if the program is not "calling" the text file or maybe it is unable to find the location of the file. I am an experienced computer user and have tried text files produced by Word Notepad and Wordpad etc located in different folders without success. Also no error warnings have appeared. I'm hoping others might respond to my problem. Thanks again for your response. Vernon
  4. Location of .lo files

    Hi there Virginia. A different forum and a different topic. I didn't see the original message in the TMG Digest but I did see your latest. Add another to your total. I'm 81 Regards Vernon Symons
  5. Can someone please suply the keyboard key or sequence of keys to obtain the double vertical line to separate witness memos. Thanks v.symons@gmail.com
  6. Split field marker

    Split vertical bar. Thanks to the forum members who responded to my message. Problem is solved Vernon
  7. Virginia Thank you for your reply which explains how you use TMG. I use the witness feature for recording people shown on census data. I understand now how such a report can be produced when each person has their own census tag. I subscribe to the TMG Digest so I am aware of Terry and Teresa . They are very important contributors to that group. Will also investigate the URL sites you have provided. Thank you again for you prompt assistance. Vernon
  8. Virginia. Having solved the layout problem I am now having no success in producing the table which you send to Excel. Could you please briefly expand the process steps involved. Regards Vernon
  9. TMG 7 Layous

    I have numerous layout files *.lo located in a User Program Data folder C: \Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v 7. The current program V7 is only using the "Standard" layout. I would be grateful if someone could please inform me how to make the program incorporate the other layout files and show them in the layout button Vernon Symons v.symons@gmail.com
  10. TMG 7 Layous

    Virginia Thanks for your help. Yes I have solved the Layout problem and they are now all being shown under the layout button. They were in the wrong folder. Why I don't know. I also now understand how the Forum reply system works. Thanks again Vernon
  11. TMG 7 Layous

    Virginia. The problem I have with the Forum is the sending sequence of the message. All programs I use use a "send" button. Is this the function of the ""add reply"button? Regards Vernon