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  1. Generate new Data Base

    You're welcome Kenny, Vera
  2. Generate new Data Base

    Hi, Kenny, tried to replicate what you are reporting. But I wasn't able to replicate the issue. So please can you give some more details about how exactly you proceeded? Are you trying to generate a new dataset within an existing project? (BTW I tried both generating a new dataset as well as generating a new project - everything without a single issue.) You used the secondary output tab for this, right? After I did so on the Report Definition Screen I clicked "Print&Save"; the report is shown I closed that window and answered all the other different messages of TMG (if I'm sure to create a new data set and so on) with YES / OK - everything went fine. Thanks, Vera
  3. 6.04 freeze when adding embedded citation

    Hi, Earl, Seems to be a different issue and as I saw you started a new topic on this - Thanks. Please let me know which update file (from version to version) you need and I can sent it to you of list. I've stored different update files privately. Please let me also know your email address. Hopefully you have a working and up-to-date backup file of your data build with version 6.03 before the update. You're welcome, Vera
  4. 6.04 Bug - "Open" .dbf window

    Hi, Earl, I tried to replicate what you are describing - but sorry to say that I'm not able to replicate it. Neither by adding a new tag to an individual nor by double-clicking on any person to change the focus. May I ask you to describe in more detail the first case you mentioned? Thanks, Vera
  5. Failed Backup

    Just an additional (may be stupid ) question of course you first updated TMG v5 to TMG v6.0 and than to TMGv6.03, right? The TMG folder: The Master Genealogist\buttons should only contain BMP files if anything was applied properly. Can you manually unzip that ZIP-file you're referring to in the buttons folder? Vera
  6. You're wellcome. Sorry, my fault I should have been a bit more precise. The date format "dd Mmm yyyy" is used as the default value and by using this one the dates will be formatted in the way you see in your example. You need to change the date format. For this click on the down arrow on the right side of the date format field. A list opens. Within this list highlight the format that you personally want to use e.g. mm/dd/yyyy. Hopefully this helps. Vera
  7. Hi, please look at the date format which is selected in file>preferences>program options>general. On the right side of this window you'll find "Date format:". Click on the down arrow to open the list of date formats and select the one you prefer. Vera
  8. Board Statistics

    Hey, you're a fan of statistics, right? As you mentioned ....for some reasons....you're interested in seeing more. May I ask you what kind of reasons?