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  1. Installing TMG8 on Windows XP

    Jim, as Virginia already suggested: contact Wholly Genes Support. The reason for the issues you are experiencing **may** be that a certain dll file is either missing on your computer, is not correctly registered or is only present in the wrong directory on your computer. The name of this special dll file is MSVCR71.DLL which must be present and correctly registered in order to register VFP9 run time files needed by TMG, like VFP9R.DLL. As I can see from the excerpts of TMG's install log file which you provided in this thread, that's the exact point where TMG always stops - say while trying to register the VFP9R.DLL > registration fails, most probably because it cannot locate MSVCR71.DLL > computer hangs and TMG's installation never finishes correctly. MSVCR71.DLL at least needs to be present in C:WindowsSystem32 and also needs to be correctly registered.
  2. Duplicated roles in Tag Edit WIndow

    Replicated and reported. (A little remark: This happens when you edit a tag type multiple times on Tag Type Definition screen, not edit the tag - a fine but significant difference. )
  3. Installing TMG8 on Windows XP

    Jim, sorry for jumping in. I'd really like to know exactly about which "other program" you're talking. Please be assured that I am not asking this question out of pure curiosity. However, it seems to me that there may be some kind of conflict between any programs and in order to have a chance to be of any help anybody would need to learn the exact details.
  4. Cannot start "Help"

    That's wonderful to learn, Dan - thanks for the update. Thank Jim who made the proposal to uninstall and reinstall. I just added my limited two cents "how to...".
  5. Thanks a lot - got your email with the attachment. Looking....
  6. To be honest: I can't tell right now. In case Virginia's suggestion to reset the Add person template does not help as well, then please take a screenshot of Add person screen including the message. Please, either attach this screenshot to your next reply or send it directly to me. Contact: Vera Nagel
  7. Backup issues - OLE error

    Murt, my first suggestion (although not immediately related to be behavior you described) would be to run TMG's maintenance tools for your v8 project in the order: Optimize > Validate File Integrity > Optimize Then close TMGv8. Shut down all other applications on your computer and re-boot the computer. Temporarily turn off your virus scanner. Start TMGv8. Immediately say: File > Backup (you should use TMG's default location for Backups. Or perhaps Backup to your Desktop, but not to an external drive or a flash drive, please). Then please report back in order to let us know whether it helped/worked. (Don't forget to turn on your virus scanner again.)
  8. Screen Layout Files

    I am very sorry to say so, John, but that's not the recommended method. see i.e. here "Wholly Genes latest Newsletter" http://www.whollygen...showtopic=14125 section "Advice for Upgrading Users"
  9. My first suggestion would be to run TMG's maintenance routines for your TMGv8 project in the following order: Optimize - Validate File Integrity - Optimize "adding a person" ---- does that mean you type the person's surname into the appropriate field on Add Person screen or do you perhaps copy anything into the field? Regarding the message syntax: TMG considers "25" to be the surname of a person and just tells you that such a surname is so far not among the known surnames in this project.
  10. Cannot start "Help"

    That's wonderful news, Alan. Great you finally got it working. Hopefully Dan will report the same. You're very welcome.
  11. Cannot start "Help"

    Just to add to Jim's suggestion regarding unstill and reinstall. - Close all other applications. - Turn off your virus scanner. - Then uninstall TMGv8. - Re-boot your computer. - Check whether your virus scanner is still turned off - if not, temporarily turn it off again. - Install TMGv8 to right the same program folder you used previously. - Re-boot your computer. - If necessary turn your virus scanner on. - Start TMGv8 and immediately check whether HELP is functional from within TMGv8.
  12. Screen Layout Files

    John, if you don't see / cannot apply your v7 layouts in v8 then you probably did not include those into the backup of your v7 project which you restored in v8. Layouts are not included into project backups by default. So I'd suggest to backup your project again under v7 and on Step 3 "Options" in the Backup Wizard on the right side, under "Program items > check "Layouts". Then restore this newly created v7 backup under v8 to right the same locations as you did before.
  13. Yes, absolutely. However, all characters which Liliana listed are part of ANSI.
  14. Liliana, you are correct that these "diacritical / umlauted / special" characters are omitted from the researcher information in reports. I still need to do some additional testing, though. With regard to the German characters: ä Ä ö Ö ü Ü.... you know for sure that a totally valid and grammatically correct method is to substitute these by: ae Ae oe Oe ue Ue - right? May be that helps -at least as a work-around- for the time being.
  15. Cannot start "Help"

    Thanks for your patience and your replies, Alan and of course Dan. This additional question goes to both of you: Are you using the US Version of TMG v8 or the UK Version of it?
  16. Cannot start "Help"

    Sorry for the inconvenience, Alan. Which Operating System do you use? Was TMG Version 7 ever installed on the machine on which you now run version 8?
  17. Cannot start "Help"

    Dan, when you click on (Windows) Start > All Programs > The Master Genealogist v8 > The Master Genealogist help does that work? %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Please go to (Windows) Start > Computer > OS (C:) In the next window at the upper right is a box which shows "Search OS (C:)" - please enter into this field: tmg.chm and patiently wait until this search is completed. In case all is correct you should see only the following two locations containing the tmg.chm file for TMGv8: tmg.chm in: C:Program FilesThe Master Genealogist v8 AND tmg.chm in: C:ProgramDataThe Master Genealogist v8 In case you find it in other locations as well, please tell us the exact paths of these.
  18. How to pay from outside US or UK

    Mark, please send me a PM or contact me here Vera Nagel You can easily get a TMGv8-Unlock Code / Serial Number in Europe and per for it from your bank account.
  19. Generation limits in reports

    Hello Diane, Report > Descendant Indented Narrative > Options > tab: General > Number of generations. For the setting "Number of generations" choose a setting of your liking.
  20. TMG Won't Accept GEDCOMs

    Yes, unfortunately TMG does not support UNICODE or as it would appear within your GEDCOM file the UFT-8 character set. Changing the UFT-8 character set to ANSI, which TMG supports, will indeed result in a loss of any characters which are part of UFT-8 but not of ANSI. This fact stands as is regardless whether you import a GEDCOM into TMG or any other database/file format for which TMG provides direct import functionally - say without going via a GEDCOM, i.e. files from Family Tree Maker, Legacy ..... %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% However, which real / pure UNICODE characters do you have in your database resp. the GEDCOM you want to import into TMG? Please provide some examples in order to give us a better idea. In case these characters may perhaps also be part of ANSI, then you won't lose anything.
  21. back up on exit

    I trust you meant to say that you've just imported your data into TMGv7.04, right? If so, please go to File > Preferences > Program Options > Startup and Exit and on the right side of that window within the lower section titled "During exit:" check the box "Prompt for backup" and click OK.
  22. Accent

    Liliana, this condition is apparently broken in accents. Sorry for the inconvenience. It will be reported.
  23. No. of marriages?

    OK, understood. Thanks. However, since the overall aim of the Associates window is to **complement** TMG's windows and since compared to other windows (like the PE for instance) the filter abilities of the Associates window are quite limited (say only one or two clicks are needed to apply / re-apply the currently available filters), I personally don't see an immediate need to save such filters. Of course this is my limited point of view only.
  24. No. of marriages?

    Liliana, sorry, I know of no way to save these filters. May be I don't get the point here but.... like Help says regarding the Associates Window: ...and that works for me in v7.04.
  25. Carol, in case you would like a more specific filter for the Project Explorer it could also be like this: (on the tab "Filter" create a filter like) Field: Residence-In.... (= the name of your tag) Subfield: Memo Operator: contains Value: LIVED (enter any word/phrase here which might be part of your text in the memo field) Connect: END At the bottom of this window check "Both" then "OK"