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  1. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    After many permutations of the serial # I did actually submit the correct number and am now running 9.05 under win 10 correctly. Thanks for your help! Sherrill Modlin
  2. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    I do not have the original email; however, I have tried of my name & email address. Cannot unlock. I have a disk for the TMG 9.0 with a serial number, and the serial number for the downloaded upgrade 9.05. I tried both numbers, still same problem.
  3. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    I just upgraded to Windows 10 and my TMG9.05 says I have an Expired trial version. When I "unlock to the full version now" with the correct serial number I get the "Registration data is invalid" response. I have I have done the complete uninstall & reinstalled with the lastest installer & run as an admin, but still get the same response. Please help.