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  1. Actually Robin Lamacraft suggested copying the _F.DBF from my backup to the corrupted project. Then I could open & close the corrupted project. I then produced a list of "Last edited" people & checked their parent-child relationships. Some of the people showed children in the Children window but not in the Details window. I went to each of the children in turn & their parents' names were showing but when I clicked on the Father- or Mother- tag, the names weren't there. So I re-added the parent-child relationships & now things are working again. In future I'll do the backup *before* the Optimise, rather than the other way around, as on 2 occasions that Optimise was the last thing I'd done before having a problem. Thank you for your help. Kerry
  2. Thank you so much, for offering to help me (and others) like this. I don't remember having sent you this problem before - but it's possible some years ago. The time it occurred for me (before this time) I restored from a backup of a week earlier. I've zipped the Project folder & sent it to you via Dropbox. These days I put more recent new projects into their own sub-folders, but this was my original project, over many many years (since the UK version of TMG became available). If I can do *anything* at all to help you, to say thank you, please ask. Kerry
  3. This happened to me for the 2nd time today. In both cases I had done a Reindex, Optimise & then tried to do a backup - which fell over. ("The project is in use elsewhere. Please select another project.") In each case I've tried the usual Shut down - reboot (to check that the project wasn't in fact still open) but the problem continued. Repair mode couldn't fix the problem because it said the file <project)_F.dbf not found. (In fact that file *was* there, but it had a date of a day or 2 earlier than other files.) I tried the TMG Utility - which said "Open the dataset to build the index files, then close TMG & try again". I couldn't open the project within TMG. After I had tried all the things I could think of, I created a new folder under Projects and restored a backup there. I've been doing "bitsy" data entry, over a number of days since the last backup, from a number of different places, so I'll probably never know exactly what I've lost. Any suggestions of a way to recover the locked project would be much appreciated. Kerry Farmer
  4. Sydney TMG Users Group update

    Contact: Kerry Farmer - email kerry@austega.com Meeting info: Usually third Saturday of every 2nd month from February at the Society of Australian Genealogists, 120 Kent St, The Rocks, Sydney. There are occasional extra meetings between these dates so check our website TMGSydney website (or Society of Australian Genealogists) Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TMGSydney/ This site contains a calendar and allows messages to be received and answered by other members. Other info: Meetings are generally led by a member, covering a particular topic. Some part of each presentation is aimed at beginners, followed by more advanced material for experienced users. We then discuss broader issues and members' questions as they come up. Each year we try to have a "TMG Weekend" away some place near Sydney, with presentations during Saturday and Sunday, as well as informal discussion time. This weekend is usually held in April or May. Most people attending choose to stay in accommodation at the venue. In addition we have other TMG sessions through the year, including a "bring your own laptops" session as well as guided instruction sessions using the Society's computers. Visitors are very welcome at all these events. Cheers, Kerry
  5. I had a large number of bookmarks stored in TMG6 (heads of all my family lines), which all carried across in my conversion to TMG7. But now whenever I select one of the bookmarked people, it appears to correctly select that person and briefly displays their details, and then jumps to displaying the person on the top of the list in Bookmark manager. I tried deleting that top bookmark, which was the only one added under TMG7, but the same thing still happens - after selecting the person I want, it jumps to the person now on the top of the list. Kerry