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  1. TMG in death throes?

    JIm, I just downloaded the installer whose link is pinned to the v.9 thread and it is 9.04. Is there really a v.9.05 and how can I get it? Thanks!
  2. I am having some problems which I've never encountered before and hope some one can help. I put a couple of messages on the TMG list yesterday, but there's lot's of v.7 buzz going on 1. I edited a tag sentence to add <[M]1>. The sentence reads: [:CR:][:CR:]Administration was granted for the estate of [R:Deceased] <[D]> <[L4],>< [L5],>< [L6],>< [L7]><. [R:Administrator] was appointed administrator><. [M1]>. When I clicked on "OK", I got the error message: Unknown member OLELIST. 7TAGTYPEDEFINITION.UNLOAD The change appears when I click on the tag again and click on "edit", but when I click on "OK" I get the error message again. When I close the tags screen (which I accessed with "Add Tag", all my menu options were greyed out, and I had to close the program and reopen it. 2. I have a tag named "Birth-Est". I filtered the PE for: Birth-Est # of Tags >Is greater than 0 I got the error message: Error: Unrecognized Filter Conditon-"ANY BIRTH GROUP TAG;.# OF TAGS/>" I ran VFI and no errors were found. I then tried filtering the PE as above and got a different error: Error: Unrecognized filter condition- "" 3. When I create a filter now, and click "ok", instead of running the filter I either get an error message or the window to save a new filter opens. I have run VFI 3 times - no errors found, and I am not having trouble with any other applications. Thanks!!
  3. Here's a vote from Texas. I like this idea as well, and can see using the variations in several circumstances. The ablility to show adopted and step children would accomodate those "family history" reports that are sometimes necessary, while keeping actual lines of descent clear and unambigous.
  4. Brick Wall markers

    Hello DeAnna, These are sentences I can use. Genealogical DNA testing indicates that my husband's brick wall ancestor may have been the result of an early cloning experiment done with Virginia cell samples, before he was dropped by spaceship on Spears Creek in SC in 1845. But I think your sentences are more succinct <G> Cheryl Freeman ,
  5. TMG6 Family Group Sheet

    Teresa, I am not looking for a FGS layout, but I want to thank you for posting this one. My new notebook has a 14 inch display (so that it's small enough to be portable), and I was convinced that I could not get the children and siblings windows under the Details window. After seeing your display, I got the sense that maybe I could - and it worked great! I am able to use more space for the FG now so that I don't have to drag it over other windows when I use it, and even have a tiny corner left for the primary image. Now back to my research log which I need to finish for my SC trip! With a cooler layout, it'll go faster - right? <G>
  6. Flag value won't change

    Hi Kathy, I didn't see your post on the list, but this happened to me when I was doing my cleanup project. You say you are working from the focus group with the PE closed, but my suggestion is to open the PE, right-click on it and make sure that "Link Project Explorer to other Windows" is not checked. Just closing it isn't enough, you have to uncheck the link option. I had exactly the same problems you are having until I found that I had to uncheck the option, and that took care of everything. You can even leave the PE open after unchecking the link. This took care of the problem for me, and I hope it helps. Cheryl Freeman
  7. DonHo, thank you very much for sharing the workaround for the bleed-through issue under Vista. I just disabled desktop composition and can finally read the PV again. This makes a huge difference for me, and I'm really grateful. Cheryl Freeman
  8. My new favorite layout

    Hi Teresa, I use Diane B.'s census system, so all the members of the household are added to the CEN-HEAD tags as witnesses. Then the head is added as a witness on their CEN-ENUM tags. On the PV of the head of household, because the head is a witness to the CEN-ENUM tags, the tags show up as grey (accent for witnessed events). I use purple as my accent for all census people. Because every CEN-HEAD and CEN-ENUM tag has the census person as P2, the tag of the person in the PV has a purple highlight. In the view I posted, the head of household's tag is purple, and the household members' CEN-ENUM tags are grey. But when you look at the PV of one of the household members, it's reversed. That person's own census tag (the CEN-ENUM tag on which he/she is P1) is purple, and the CEN-HEAD (on which the household member is a witness) is grey. I really like this because I can see at a glance on the PV of the head exactly who was living in the household each census year, and can see at a glance of everyone's PV in which household they were living. Accenting census people with purple makes it easy for me to see at a glance on which censuses I have found the person in the PV.
  9. My new favorite layout

    This is really interesting. Virginia, you have shown me why I want a larger monitor. Deanna, I really like how you have the PE on the left side of the screen. Teresa, I am awed by your toolbar! <G> This is the layout I use most often. I use Deanna Begeman's census system, and my census people are purple. My ancestors and their descendants are blue text on white, people who are probably connected are blue on grey. My husband's ancestors and their descendants are red on white, and people probably related are red on grey. When I use the focus group, I dock it on the right side, but I am going to experiment with a new layout. Cheryl Freeman

    I ran VFI today after experiencing an issue, and got the following error messages, which I could get past by ignoring them: 1) Operator/Operand Type mismatch. 8028 FIXORIGTYPE2 2) Nesting Error. 8037 FOXORIGTYPE2 After VFI ran, it repaired a whopping 151 errors. I ran it again, got the same two error messages and VFI continued when I ignored them. Two more problems were corrected. I have run VFI two more time, each time getting the same error messages and at the end a message that VFI had found two problems and corrected them. What is causing the error messages that I am getting, and why has VFI not corrected all the errors in 4 passes? Thanks!
  11. Freeman, Cheryl

    Hi Karla, Thank you for the nice comments! I don't really plan on changing the theme seasonally (I actually created the site in January when it was over 90 degrees F outside and the snowy scene looked quite appealing at the time!) The state birds have temporarily "migrated" from my site but they will be back. Cheryl Freeman
  12. Freeman, Cheryl

    Thank you for your nice comments! I can truthfully say that if it was not for Second Site, I would still be thinking about having a web site. My site is still not "finished" - there are a few things I still want to change and to add - but Second Site handles the data so well. I am still adding people to my site, and it takes longer to publish my updates than it does to create them in Second Site. Cheryl Freeman
  13. http://www.genattic.com My web site contains ancestors of my husband and I, and allied families, and is in narrative format. I created the site with Second Site, and some post-editing, including the addition of graphics, using FrontPage. Our surnames include Bell, Brown, Burkey(e), Cox, Ess, Fletcher, Freeman, Jones, Junkin(s), Moberly/Mobley, Nave, Pollard, Shields, Smith, Turner, Vaughn/Vaughan, Weinstein, and Young. Primary locations are Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. I love the flexibility of both TMG and Second Site. When I started planning my site, I had ideas I wanted to incorporate, including showing census detail in narrative format, and a way to browse surnames by state. Using TMG and Second Site, I was able to achieve most of my objectives with minimal knowledge of HTML.