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  1. One more hiccup to add. Using a tag with witnessess. My example is for an obituary but this also occurs with marriage. 1. Use F4, type in "Obit" 2. Fill in information, type my memo as needed. 3. Click the 'plus' sign to add a witness 4. Type in the id for the witness 5. Hit 'tab' to go the primary name box and TMG copies the sentence from the Default Sentence structure box to the Memo box I don't remember this happening before.. Sigh... Anita
  2. I have upgraded to v8.03 without problems. But have noticed the following, repeatable hiccup. 1. Using keyboard shortcut to open a any tag 2. Fill in date, location 3. Use F4 to open citation box 4. Use F3 to repeat the last citation 5. Fill in surety 6. Use F9 to close 7. Two identical citations appear If I create a new citation, only that citation appears. If I delete one of the two identical citations and close the tag, then reopen the tag, no citations. If I just close the tag without deleting one of the identical citations, reopening only shows one citation. The double citations only appear if I use F3 to use the last citation. I have run optimize, validate file integrity, closed the program, re-booted. Still happening. Anita
  3. OK Phil, thanks. I'll wait. Anita
  4. I get the following error when using crt "v" [no quotes] to add a name variation tag 2008.04.18, 20:46:04 2199Error building key for index "c:\tmg backups\my project_n.cdx" tag "Sort5". 14 FRMNAMETAG.MGETEVENTTYPE If I click "ignore" the name variation screen comes up & I can fill in the date, given name, surname, & add a citation. Then, when I click "ok" I get the "edit name style tag" with the style name highlighted & "Title, Prefix, GivenName, PreSurname, Surname, Suffix, OtherName, SortSurname, SortGiven " already in the style name box. I do not use style names at this time. Clicking "ignore" brings up the dialogue "Are you sure that you want to lose changes to this screen?" even though I have not made any changes. Clicking yes, brings me back to the tag for name variation. This time I tried clicking on the "name style" button, which I noticed says U.S. Standard Place, this brings up the Master Style List with the U.S. Standard Name & another error box "variable 'LNPOS' is not found. 5MASTERSTYLELIST.RNDSID_ASSIGN. Clicking "Abort" brings me back to the tag entry screen with my name variation, clicking "OK" starts the whole mess over again with the "Edit Name Style" screen. I have to click "Yes" to cancel out & lose changes, no name variation tag appears. Going up to "File>Edit>Run VFI" brings up "No problems found" I can successfully add a name variation tag in the sample project. I originally had this same problem in v 7 and after sending in an error report, Phil from tech support responded that v 6.12 had some issues with indexing names that didn't present a problem in v 6.12 but did pose a problem in v 7. He advised me to wait for the next update when this problem would be fixed. After closely looking at the tag entry screen, I have now noticed that the where it says "tag type" is blank. Even going into the drop down box & selecting "name variation" from the list, sets into motion the entire error process. ErrorMarker: Error building key for index "c:\...\my documents\the master genealogist v7\projects\my project_n.cdx" tag "Sort5". 14 FRMNAMETAG.MGETEVENTTYPE Any help would be appreciated. Anita Reid
  5. Function keys are AWOL

    John, Yes to both questions. I do remember having to change the batteries in the keyboard prior to the problem showing up in TMG. I did not have any programs open when I did this. Perhaps a dip in the power level during the switch caused the glitch to show up in TMG. There is an update to the driver available. I'll be installing it later today. Thanks again for the suggestions, Anita
  6. Function keys are AWOL

    My husband figured out my function key problem tonight. I use a 'bluetooth' wireless keyboard, that somehow stopped working with only TMG [yes, the batteries were new]. Plugging in an old USB keyboard brought my function keys back to the living. Next stop is to check to see if there is a driver update for my keyboard. Thank you to all that puzzled about my problem. Anita Reid
  7. Function keys are AWOL

    Virginia, I just tried this. First I rebooted my computer, then only opened TMG. Closed all windows, opened detail window only. Named new layout 'details shortcut'. Tried F4 to bring up a new tag, got the 'open project' screen. Closed that, opened a tag via highlight & then the enter key; tabbed through the fields, tried F2, nothing happened; tried F3, & F9, again no results. Closed by using my mouse. As per John's suggestion, I restored the most recent files in quarantine. No difference. I do have McAfee and Zone Alarm running in the background; this is no different than usual. Any other ideas? Thank you so much for the suggestions. Anita
  8. Suddenly, all my function or shortcut keys do not work. F4 brings up the 'open project' screen instead of 'add tag', F3 within fields does nothing as does F2 or F9. My shortcut keys work within other programs. I have run VFI (no problems found), optimize, reindex. I have rebooted the computer. Last night I even shut everything down. Hoping that this a.m. things would just return to normal. No such luck. I checked the sample project, the shortcut keys do not work there either. I've checked the forum & archives but the only messages found seem to say that a similar problem was fixed with this release. I'm running XP Pro with all updates, my anitvirus is updated & spy/malware has been run. Help please, I am a keyboarder at heart. If there is a workaround, will someone please share it with me? Anita