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  1. Export to GEDCOM very unreliable

    I would like to reopen this case. Today I tried to make an export of all persons (ca 51000) and it gave me similar errors as mentioned above. In my case it was antivirus (MS security essentials). Although I was able to make the export if antivirus was turned off, I wouldn't say it is normal to turn off antivirus every time I make an export. I am 100% sure that it worked in v7 with same computer configuration. br. Ular
  2. Now it is possible to add group photos via events and witnesses, but this is like a "around a corner possibility" compared to Family Tree Maker 2008 and PhpGedView for example. It should be possible to link a group photo directly in exibits window to several persons appearing in a photo. I think that many researchers would agree on this. So question to developers: When can we expect that feature in TMG?