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  1. My TMG used to output GEDCOM files with latitude/longitude information in this format: "433201N0654342W" (i.e. a contiguous string representation of the form <DD><MM><SS><N|S><DD><MM><SS><E|W>) But now, regardless of how I set the display format for places in the preferences, the GEDCOM output comes out as: "43.831944,-66.102222" (i.e. simple decimal notation). Is there a way to change the output format? When did this change? Regards,...
  2. Thanks Michael! Good to know ... will probably follow up with Darren on the TNG side at some point about this.
  3. So I guess if it is not standardized, then confusion will abound! To answer Jim's question, the TNG software requires me to massage the GPS as follows: If TMG outputs this line: 2 PLAC Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery, 134 Forest Street, Yarmouth, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada, , , 43.831944,-66.102222 Then I need keep that line (but strip off the lat/long info at the end) and add new lines before the closing "0 TRLR" line: below is what the output would look like. Note that if a place's "2 PLAC" line occurs multiple times (e.g. I have several people listed as buried in the same cemetery), then the lines I add at the end should only add one entry per unique "2 PLAC" entry". 2 PLAC Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery, 134 Forest Street, Yarmouth, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada ... 0 PLAC Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery, 134 Forest Street, Yarmouth, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada 1 MAP 2 LATI 43.831944 2 LONG -66.102222
  4. The good thing is the massaged format (as required by TNG) maintains the decimal format that TMG is exporting. I'm assuming one of TMG and TNG is not quite compliant to the GEDCOM standard given that I have to do this massaging!!
  5. OK, thanks. I will update my perl script to handle the new decimal format (need to massage that data for certain other GEDCOM consumers I use). -S
  6. With v8.08 I backup my project and get an error about a missing exhibit, and the last backup log indicates this (running on a Mac under Parallels; all TMG files are on the Parallels C drive): ********************* * Missed Exhibits * ********************* text >\\psf\Home\Downloads\EMAIL-WILMOT-Richard (Rick) and family.txt ******************************************** * Not found one exhibit file. ******************************************** How can I figure out what the issue is and the resolution? I do have one exhibit with a name similar to the text file name above: it is a PDF exhibit with this file: "EMAIL-WILMOT-Richard (Rick) and family.pdf" - it is an external exhibit and exists with my other exhibits in "C:\Users\<username>\GENEALOGY DB\Exhibits" (including some other PDF exhibits). (So I don't think it is related to the fact that I have a PDF file, am I pointing to a text version somewhere?) Thanks in advance.
  7. Missed Exhibits in backup?

    For the benefit of others: OK - answered my own question: downloaded John Cardinal's TMG utility and ran an exhibit report with it (missing exhibits only) - this let me identify the source record that had the missing exhibit. (Just deleted it as it already also had the NOT missing PDF version!).
  8. Error Updating to 8.08

    Updating from 8.06 to 8.08 resulted in an error and the automatic installer program rollback procedure resulted in the complete removal of the TMG application (it did NOT revert to the original v8.06). Re-installing 8.06, opening the sample DB, and executing the upgrade process again results in the same error (regardless of whether I close TMG before starting the upgrade or not). Any suggestions to work around this bug and get v8.08 successfully installed? Anyone know the secret link to where I can just download v8.08 (since v9 is out, I assume it is NOT available anymore). Thanks in advance. PS: Here is the error message: PPS: Here is the tail end of the error log: Property(S): Time = 15:05:54 Property(S): MsiNetAssemblySupport = 4.0.30319.18408 Property(S): MsiWin32AssemblySupport = 6.1.7601.17514 Property(S): MsiRunningElevated = 1 Property(S): Privileged = 1 Property(S): DATABASE = C:\Windows\Installer\1a6f7af.msi Property(S): OriginalDatabase = C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v8 Installer\tmg8setup.msi Property(S): UILevel = 5 Property(S): Preselected = 1 Property(S): USR_ADMINISTRATOR = Administrator Property(S): USR_GUEST = Guest Property(S): GRP_DOMAIN_USERS = None Property(S): GRP_EVERYONE = Everyone Property(S): USR_NETWORK_SERVICE = NETWORK SERVICE Property(S): GRP_ADMINISTRATORS = Administrators Property(S): GRP_USERS = Users Property(S): GRP_GUESTS = Guests Property(S): GRP_MONITORING_USERS = Performance Monitor Users Property(S): GRP_LOGGING_USERS = Performance Log Users Property(S): WindowsLibrariesFolder = C:\Users\biota\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries Property(S): SavedGamesFolder = C:\Users\biota\Saved Games Property(S): PublicDocumentsFolder = C:\Users\Public\Documents Property(S): CostingComplete = 1 Property(S): OutOfDiskSpace = 0 Property(S): OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0 Property(S): PrimaryVolumeSpaceAvailable = 45088808 Property(S): PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired = 94553 Property(S): PrimaryVolumeSpaceRemaining = 44994255 Property(S): SourcedirProduct = {4350AE2E-967A-48FC-B364-8937E391C597} Property(S): PrimaryVolumePath = C: Property(S): ProductToBeRegistered = 1 MSI (s) (50:A8) [15:05:54:289]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603 MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:293]: RESTART MANAGER: Previously shut down applications have been restarted. MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:293]: RESTART MANAGER: Session closed. MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:295]: RESTART MANAGER: Session closed. MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:331]: User policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0 MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:331]: Machine policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0 MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:331]: Incrementing counter to disable shutdown. Counter after increment: 0 MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:331]: Note: 1: 1402 2: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Rollback\Scripts 3: 2 MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:332]: Note: 1: 1402 2: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Rollback\Scripts 3: 2 MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:333]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied. Counter after decrement: -1 MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:333]: Restoring environment variables MSI (s) (50:54) [15:05:54:369]: Destroying RemoteAPI object. MSI (s) (50:4C) [15:05:54:369]: Custom Action Manager thread ending. MSI © (28:18) [15:05:54:381]: Back from server. Return value: 1603 MSI © (28:18) [15:05:54:381]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied. Counter after decrement: -1 MSI © (28:18) [15:05:54:411]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Deleting SECONDSEQUENCE property. Its current value is '1'. Action ended 15:05:54: ExecuteAction. Return value 3. MSI © (28:84) [15:05:54:416]: RESTART MANAGER: Previously shut down applications have been restarted. MSI © (28:84) [15:05:54:416]: RESTART MANAGER: Session closed. === Verbose logging stopped: 2014-02-18 15:05:54 === Action ended 15:03:40: ProgressDlg. Return value 1. MSI © (7C:A4) [15:03:40:856]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: AI_AppSearchEx MSI © (7C:A4) [15:03:40:856]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: AI_AppSearchEx 4: SELECT `Property` FROM `AI_AppSearchEx` MSI © (7C:A4) [15:03:40:867]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: AI_TempFile MSI © (7C:A4) [15:03:40:867]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: AI_TempFile 4: SELECT `Property` FROM `AI_TempFile` MSI © (7C:A4) [15:03:40:867]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: AI_PreRequisite MSI © (7C:A4) [15:03:40:867]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: AI_PreRequisite 4: SELECT `RetValPropName` FROM `AI_PreRequisite` MSI © (7C:A4) [15:03:40:867]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: AI_XmlLocator MSI © (7C:A4) [15:03:40:867]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: AI_XmlLocator 4: SELECT `Property` FROM `AI_XmlLocator` MSI © (7C:A4) [15:04:11:882]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding FileInUseProcess property. Its value is 'The following applications should be closed before continuing the install:{&^&}8320{&^&}The Master Genealogist{&^&}{&^&}{&^&}{&^&}{&^&}{&^&}'. MSI © (7C:70) [15:04:11:887]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: AI_ControlEx MSI © (7C:70) [15:04:11:887]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: AI_ControlEx 4: SELECT `Dialog_`,`Control`,`Type`,`Parent`,`Attributes`,`Data` FROM `AI_ControlEx` WHERE `Dialog_` = 'MsiRMFilesInUse' MSI © (7C:A4) [15:05:54:426]: Doing action: FatalError Action 15:05:54: FatalError. Action start 15:05:54: FatalError. MSI © (7C:70) [15:05:54:432]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: AI_ControlEx MSI © (7C:70) [15:05:54:432]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: AI_ControlEx 4: SELECT `Dialog_`,`Control`,`Type`,`Parent`,`Attributes`,`Data` FROM `AI_ControlEx` WHERE `Dialog_` = 'FatalError' Action ended 15:06:02: FatalError. Return value 1. MSI © (7C:A4) [15:06:02:629]: Doing action: AI_SHOW_LOG Action 15:06:02: AI_SHOW_LOG. Action start 15:06:02: AI_SHOW_LOG. MSI © (7C:34) [15:06:02:631]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Users\biota\AppData\Local\Temp\MSIB324.tmp, Entrypoint: LaunchLogFile Action ended 15:06:02: AI_SHOW_LOG. Return value 1. MSI © (7C:A4) [15:06:02:764]: Doing action: FatalError Action 15:06:02: FatalError. Action start 15:06:02: FatalError. Action ended 15:06:02: FatalError. Return value 2. MSI © (7C:A4) [15:06:02:765]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: Environment MSI © (7C:A4) [15:06:02:765]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: Environment 4: SELECT `Environment`,`Component_` FROM `Environment` MSI © (7C:00) [15:06:02:778]: Destroying RemoteAPI object. MSI © (7C:3C) [15:06:02:779]: Custom Action Manager thread ending. === Verbose logging stopped: 2014-02-18 15:06:02 ===
  9. Error Updating to 8.08

    Thanks for the link ... that is the 8.08 version, just what I needed - that installed fine (since no uprgade required!). The link should be on the web site still I think! Regards...
  10. I'm no TMG power user, so I need some help with a couple simple questions: What is the best way to enter cause of death information? I was using a NOTES tag, but maybe it could go in the DEATH tag with a custom sentence (but I don't think that is practical) or as a custom tag? Just wanted to understand what is the best approach and why (or at least pros & cons of the different approaches). Also, it looks like PDF exhibits are not supported. What should I do with my PDF files??? The exhibit dialog allows RTF files but I notice when I added PDF anyways, it says ony "true" text files are supported, which would mean not even RTF is supported since that is not true text, so why do they allow RTF??? Anyway, looking for recommendations. THANKS! -Colin
  11. Is there a reason I can't put images in as footnotes or endnotes in an ahnentafel report? Those options are grayed out and so I choose embedded ... but embedded leaves the images coming out on top with no context preceding them: you have to go AFTER all the pictures to see the text for the person associated with those exhibit(s), which doesn't make sense to me. -Colin
  12. Just following up in case someone with the answer missed my original post. -Colin
  13. New Win8 Release Preview installed as a VM under Parallels 8 on Mac OS X 10.7.5. Installed 8.0 and registered OK (with just sample database). Downloaded latest version 8.04 from within the program, but the install failed with an error message I noticed in another thread here: "There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected" In the end that failed upgrade left TMG8 uninstalled completely (at least, no program left to run...some remnants exist). So I downloaded the demo and tried to install that...it failed (just hangs after selecting language and then getting to INSTALL button). Hmmm ... is there any hope? There is still a TMG V8 program folder under C:\Program Files (x86), but I have no way of deleting that directory. Any advice gladly accepted! -Colin
  14. Need help with Win8 upgrade issue

    Thanks Terry, looks like I am good (registered to me). At least until time for next update!! -Colin
  15. Need help with Win8 upgrade issue

    I think Virginia has hit at the gist of my issue: C:Program Files (x86)The Master Genealogist v8 The above directory remains (empty, except for a "pdf" subfolder with an "install.log" file), and I cannot delete it. The error message when trying is that "Access is denied." I've tried some obvious and not-so-obvious things, but it does not work. So I tried some more! I did start by changing the folder owner from SYSTEM to myself (colin) (right click folder, click Properties, click Security tab, click Advanced button, click "Change" link beside owner name, add my name "colin", then click OK) ...but when I tried to propagate that ownership change down to all child objects (i.e. subfolder & file) via the checkbox to do this ("Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object"), I get this error: An error occurred while supplying security information to: C:Program Files (x86)The Master Genealogist v8pdf Failed to enumerate objects in container. Access is denied." But then if I change the owner of each object in the directory tree one at a time and also give full permissions (to my own "colin" account), starting from the bottom, i.e. starting from the "install.log file, then following with "pdf" directory, then ending with "The Master Genealogist v8" directory, that seemed to work ... it seemed to successfully change ownership and permission. Next, trying to delete the "The Master Genealogist v8", I still run into issues! However, if do it bottom up, i.e. if I first delete install.log, then delete pdf directory, then delete "C:Program Files (x86)The Master Genealogist v8"...THAT finally worked! OH MY GOD! How bad can Win8 really be? I mean...REALLY? How messed up! Anyways, after all the above, I am finally allowed to install the demo 8.04 TMG OK! Running the install program, all seems OK, and now I am running TMG 8.04! Yahoo. There may be other remnants of the original install (although I didn't see any under my home dir, FYI), but they didn't cause a problem. Now, I probably had a remnant somewhere with my serial number, because the demo 8.04 didn't ask me for it: how can I tell if I have a fully functional unlocked non-demo install??? -Colin
  16. Terry - thanks for your detailed reply. Cause of Death - just want to add it for interesting cases. So I will take your advice and use the Memo of the Death tag. However, because I prefer to write the memo as a standalone sentence, or paragraph, I would make the sentence end as <. [M]> (i.e. period not comma) (I assume that is not a problem). PDFs: Is an RTF file considered "true text"? I had assumed not, but am not sure. Mostly I want to use PDFs for reference (but sometimes one would be worthy of use in a report). Good to know SS can display PDFs (limitations of PDFs duly noted). I still like to attach PDFs for reference because it makes it easy to find the PDF associated with the tag. Regards, Colin
  17. Neil - thanks, but I don't see any such option. Can you describe exactly how to access this screen? -Colin
  18. It certainly isn't obvious to me. The only thing I can assume is that I am supposed to edit the sentence and change "Nickname" to the desired nickname, but that just seems ridiculous! Can anyone advise? Regards, Strathglass.
  19. Ahhh - that did it. Thanks Virginia! -strathglass
  20. Thanks Paul. Anyone know how I can restore the standard NickName tag? -strathglass
  21. I am now running TMG7 on a Windows7 system. The problem is when entering data into a tag, the keyboard is not obeying my locale settings (US English). E.G. - other funny symbols are entered instead of @ or single quote ' ... anyone have any ideas what the issue is? Regards, Strathglass.
  22. Well, it must be a TMG bug because all other programs I use do not exhibit this issue. I will have to check if there is a way to submit TMG bug reports (never did that before). Thanks. -Stratglass
  23. Mike's approach is reasonable, and I have used it at times. But I would still like to know how to use the nickname tag: there is no name field on the nickname tag: what is it you folks see for that tag and why does my tag look different? Here is what I see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emmachisholm/4964140525/ -Strathglass
  24. When my backup size grew enormously after adding some audio file exhibits, I thought maybe I accidentally added them as internal exhibits (I default to external). However in checking it seems audio files do not indicate if they are internal or external, and based on the db backup size, I can only assume they are in reality stored as internal. Is this true? Is there any way around this issue? Regards, Strathglass.
  25. Audio Files not External?

    OK, good info all. Thanks for the help in figuring this one out. -Strathglass.