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  1. I use MS Vista 32 bit with MS Word 2007. I have created a Report, with an Index. However, the report created does not show the index at the end of the report. I have read and tried to understand the TMG Help and but cannot get visual or print output of the index. How can I get the index to show/print? Thank you.
  2. Citation Migratration

    Virginia, Thanks for your response. I always delete the endnotes at the prompt and, to the best of recollection, did this time. Bob Michael and Virginia, After continuing to study my problem and what I might have done or not done to cause it, I believe I have found the answer. I just printed out the list of Endnotes for my project for the first time and the endnote numbers match up with the numbers in my journal report. I had been looking at the list of Citations and those numbers did/do not match up with the numbers in the journal report. I had obviously mixed up citations with endnotes. Sorry to bother the Community with my carelessness/misunderstanding. I guess I still don't fully understand the difference between citations and endnotes. Bob
  3. Citation Migratration

    Virginia, Thanks for your response. I always delete the endnotes at the prompt and, to the best of recollection, did this time. Bob
  4. Citation Migratration

    Michael, Thanks for trying to help. I am using TMG 7.03 and MS Vista (with all updates). I generated the reports to screen. It appears all citations are correctly attached in the database, just not in the reports. This is a real puzzle. Bob
  5. I have begun creating my database, with citations, sources, repositories, etc. I then created a ancestor journal report. The citations attached to the correct individuals and events, as they should. I then created a descendant journal report using the same database, but with a different focus individual (the great-grandfather of the ancestor report focus individual). The citations in this report have migrated to other, incorrect, individuals and events. When I reopened (re-created) the ancestor report, the citations were still attached to incorrect individuals and events. How did this happen and how can I reattach the citations to the correct individuals/events? Thank you.
  6. My printer supports duplex printing and I would like to take advantage of that. Does TMG v7 offer that option? If so, I have been unable to find it. Thanks.
  7. I have set my Journal Ancestor Report to Custom, but the program will still not allow selection of "Include Spouse Events."
  8. I have wanted to include spouse data in journal reports, not just BMD data but other data as well. This can help create a more complete view of the family and can help keep people with similar names separate when reading your report. In Descendant reports, it is also useful to include spouse data for every one. For example, if a descendant dies with a young family, that person's spouse may have census tags, etc which describe the family after the descendant's death. Ultimate Family Tree has an option "include all spouse data". This does create a lot of redundant text for ancestors and their spouses in an ancestor report, but gives a more complete picture of families. It would be nice if TMG provided options to do something similar. Does any one else care for this feature? Pierce Did you check "Include spouse events" on the Miscellaneous tab under Format?
  9. When selecting Journal Ancestor Report, including Custom, I am unable to include B-D-B information for siblings' spouses. Can this be done? Also, when using nicknames the journal report prints the nicknames of the direct line individuals as written (first letter cap, other letters lower case), but the nicknames of siblings are printed in all caps. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  10. I changed to Advanced mode and was able to make the change I wished. Thank you. There are certainly many things to learn. Thank you both for your help.
  11. A Journal I am working on has a call for "cremated" as a Tag Type. I am able to edit the Tag Type Label from "Cremation" to "cremated", but cannot change the sentence structure so the Journal says "cremated". I can get into the Edit function for that purpose (to change Sentence for Principal in Roles and Sentences), but the screen will not let me edit "Cremation" to "cremated". Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.
  12. Report Types

    Thanks, all. I found it. In trying a test, It appears that suffixes, like Jr., do not print. Is there a way, short of incorporating the suffix into the surnname, to have suffixes print?
  13. Report Types

    Those are two of the styles of the Journal report. Look at the Options / General tab. Note that the TMG report styles and the styles currently used by the journals differ in various respects. The journals do some things that would be difficult to emulate in a computer-generated report. There has been some discussion about the differences on the TMG mail list.
  14. Does TMG v7 support Register or NGS Quarterly narrative format descendant ordered report types?