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  1. Before I buy V9.......

    Victorian GUM Inc still has TMG 9.01 Gold available. TWR are only selling UK Gold v8. TWR have stoped selling any TMG versions. :-((
  2. Visiting A Record Office

    I use a ‘List of People’ report with Family Name Given Name Birth date Death year ID no (This is the sort column for the output) Birth village Birth town (which is always entered on the database as the Registration District) Father’s given name Mother’s family and given names Which is produced in Exel format, which means that you can sort it how you like, select chunks to print and play to your heart’s content. Only downside is that mine is 154 columns wide, so you may have to print in landscape mode. (I don’t need to I bought an A3 printer!) Enjoy your visit Rob
  3. synchronising databases

    I use a PC at the office, a PC at home and a laptop on trips. I only have ONE copy of my project ON A PORTABLE HARD DRIVE. I just plug it in to the computer that I am using and enter away NO SYNCHRONISATION PROBLEMS AT ALL. You will need to play with some locations, for reports and such, and the layouts will be different, a 22" wide screen won't fit on a 15" laptop, but I have had no problems whatsoever in over four years. Since I can copy the project to three different machines for backup purposes I am also well covered for data security. FYI I use a 8GB Omega drive no bigger than a small box of matches and no external power requirement. Rob
  4. I have used a small (8GB) portable disk drive for exactly this scenario for the last three years with no problems. (Well only slightly more complicated... MainPC at home, PC in my office, and a laptopp for records offices and family trips etc). I don't recommend a Flash Memory stick, they seem to fail too often if you are writing and rewiriting a lot! Open your project as normal, then COPY to the removeable drive, from now on ONLY work on the removeable drive, but save backups on both machines from time to time. There are some things to be aware of, your recently used feilds (called up with F3) are per machine, as are custom reports; but you may be able to point TMG to the removeable drive if this is an issue for you (It's no problem for me.) You can have different screen layout on each machine, this is usefull, a 22" wide screen can fit more in than a 15" laptop! Good hunting Rob
  5. I use a passport dive, an 8GB hard drive, for my project data. It is usually drive G on my main pc, drive K on the pc at work, and drive E on my laptop: problems=0. The layouts are stored locally, and are all different, I did nothing to achievethis happy result. The reports and are also local to each machine, saves b******g about with drive letters, and is no real inconvenience for me. For back-up purposes I do a back-up onto one of the local machines every so often, and therefore always have three reasonably up-to date ones to choose from, (well if I am being accurate, two; I don't use the laptop much, just visits to family members and record offices!) BTW I am still on ver. 6, and don't know if v7 is significantly different.
  6. Entering unnamed (not unknown) child

    Here in the UK the General Register Office uses Male and Female for unamed infants, as in Female JONES, just FYI.
  7. Direct Line Accent for LARGE database.

    You can use the Ancestor Interest flag (provided that you are disciplined about setting it!) I have a custom flag Relationship, 0 to 9 which I use for this purpose (Direct ancestors are set to 9 on data entry) and to produce reports of close relatives that I need to do more research on. The you set the Accent deffinitiion accordingly. Simples.
  8. Its NOT the issue, I don't keep my tree there any more, but just uploaded a GEDCOM of 3000 folk, dates as "15 JAN 1924" NO PROBLEMS. GR never seem to know what they are talking about do they? The only thing more I can sugest is to trim the GEDCOM down until it works, then compare it manually with one that gives errors. I know it's a long boring trudge through the GEDCOM using notepad, (the format isn't that difficult to understand), but I can't think of an alternative.
  9. Can you import the GEDCOM to TMG? Do you get a GEDERR file when you export?
  10. synchronizing data files

    Dianne, I have been doing EXACTLY what you wish to do for two years using a small portable hard drive. No problems whatever. Simply copy your project to the new drive and then open it from there on each machine.
  11. PC to Laptop and back again

    Or a SMALL external hard disk, I use a WD Passport 6GB drive, matchbox size and enough room for ALL my personal stuff. (I also have a 8GB Iomega which I use for business stuff at home, similar size). Both self powered, and spped is not an issue. You can get enclosures for 2.5" hard drives and then pick up a cheap low capacity (20-60GB) laptop drive. It may be just me but I have had a couple of USB memory sticks fail, the Passport has been in constant use for over two years now without problems.
  12. PC to Laptop and back again

    I agree with Collybs, this is the method I use with three computers, home PC, work PC and laptop for visits. No problems at all, you are always using 'live' data, and you have multiple machines to keep back-ups on!
  13. You may be missing a trick here. Copy your entire project to a folder on your flash drive. When you open TMG on either machine open this project and you will always be working on the same live data! No back-up and restore, no getting out of step, tried and tested (by me!)