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  1. Variable "RULESET" is not found

    Hi Jim, Sorry for the delay in answering. Toronto was caught in a heat wave with temperatures of 35ºC (95ºF) and a humidex of 47ºC (116ºF). We fled the city to a cottage in the Muskoka's where the weather and the water were great. Real Paradise - no internet connection there. Cooler air moved in last night so we are back. I set the Source Categories to custom and reran. It stopped at the same spot (showing it was working on sources and was 92% complete) with the same Error (Variable Ruleset is not found). Now in previous tries I could not get out of this without aborting and when I tried to load the programme again it would not load (giving me a cryptic "an error occurred trying to load data"). So I would then restore the project from my backup file. This time however, in trying to get out of the run I pressed abort or ignore or retry in some unknown order when all of a sudden it took off and finished. (I have tried but have not been able to duplicate that result) The new dataset had the 2706 people I expected. But at this point, I realized that it was not Move Persons that I wanted to do but rather Copy Persons. So I restored the project and tried to use Copy Persons. I received no error code but nothing happens and the program appears to be just spinning its wheels. So it is not working in either case. Any suggestions? Ron
  2. Variable "RULESET" is not found

    Hi Jim, Thanks for the prompt reply. I went to File/Preferences/Current Project Options/Other and found Source Categories set to Lackey. I changed that setting to Custom. However I do not understand where to set SourceRule=3. I do not see any such option in the Advanced section. Can you enlighten me? Ron
  3. I am attempting (for the first time) to create a dataset. I filter the Project Explorer by selecting all persons with flag OneName = Y Then I copy all Project Explorer to Focus Group. Focus Group contains the 2706 people I expected. Under data set Manager I set up a new data set called OneNameDS. I selected all the options presented. Ran the procedure and everything seemed to go right. I now have an empty data set. When I try to Move Persons from the Focus Group to the data set, it runs for a few moments but then stops with the Error Message Variable "RULESET" is not found 1248 Move Person 2. Am I doing something wrong or is something wrong with the programme? More importantly, how do I fix it? Thanks in advance for any help.