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  1. TMG 7 on mac

    Thank you I have the sharing disabled and everything loaded like a charm. I do prefer to have the system this way as I can tell the two systems apart. I can still work with both systems without rebooting. That was the main reason for parallels and not going with bootcamp.
  2. TMG 7 on mac

    Ok back to basics, what help topics? I don't see that here on the message board. Is that located in TMG? If so the posting reads before you install TMG to read Customizing Data File Storage topic. Otherwise the install of TMG works great. I added the data_paths.txt file then tried to restore my backups from the old pc. It went through the restore process and at the end error message of No restore came up. I only have this program running with Parallels. In fact this is the only reason I installed parallels. I have done so well with everything else on this mac seeing I have never touched one before. Help!
  3. TMG 7 on mac

    Yes I have been reading this article, thank you. I can't seem to find the post about Customizing Data File Storage. I have TMG uninstalled as importing was not working even after I added the data_paths.txt file but I also have no clue what I'm doing.
  4. TMG 7 on mac

    I bought a new mac laptop. I would like to load TMG using parallels to be able to have my files on the go. I did back up the files from a different computer which is no longer working. I'm having problems restoring the file on my mac. How do I get it to restore? Is this possible using paralles, which runs windows 7.
  5. I have been working on getting my family tree printed. I have just had a request from a family member on wanted the whole tree so she can show it off. First question is: How do I get all the people in the tree to show on the chart? When I have tried I choose the oldest person and still don't have all of the people showing. Then I would have to save that as a file to send in for printing at gotcharts.com right? Thank you for any advise. Jenny