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  1. Running TMG v7 via Parallels in a Mac

    Sorry to be such a latecomer, but I've been away from my genealogy bench for a spell. This is an alternative to the virtual machine solutions of Parallels and Fusion discussed above. I'm running TMG 7.04 on my iMac but in a Boot Camp partition on my system HD. Running it under Windows XP SP2 without problems. I've told everyone who asks that Windows runs better on my Mac than it did on a PC. [To those not familiar with the Intel chipped Macs, Boot Camp is part of the two most recent versions of Apple's OS X operating system: Leopard and Snow Leopard; Windows runs in its own partition and requires a re-boot into that partition. Once rebooted, you are running Windows on an Intel CPU machine.] Easy work-arounds for backups, etc. Very stable. Setting it up requires purchase of Windows, and the Boot Camp partition needs to be protected from all the malware problems I left behind when moving to Mac. Terry