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  1. I have created customised event tags for census information and wish to create reports on individuals place location in that tag. I don't seem to have the choice to identify places from these tags. For example my tag for the 1841 census is 1841-cens and has place information and sentences included. I don't seem to be able create a report by individual with data from this tag. I would greatly appreciate how I can getover this obstacle. Many thanks i am using v8. Best wishes Graham Jervis
  2. Transfer TMG v7

    I upgraded my TMG to version 7 via a download to an m/c running XP. How best can I transfer TMG v7 to another m/c now running Windows 7 64 bit? Regards Graham
  3. I understand that v 7 TMG will not run under Windows 7 64 bit op system. Will v8 resolve this problem? Regards Graham
  4. Thanks. That works fine. Regards Graham
  5. How can I set a filter to find for example all William Bloggs who had a spouse called Mary? You cando it for sons and daughters mothers and fathers but not apparently spouses. Regards Graham