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  1. No restore

    Many thanks for the reminder Virginia; has gone as suggested.
  2. No restore

    I have followed the instructions for backing up my TMGver7 project as outlined on Terry's Tips, installed TMGver8 and then tried to restore from the backup. All seems to go well including getting a message saying restore is complete. Then when the OK button is clicked another message appears say no restore was done! And it is right;-) Why? I am running all my TMG programs using Parallels on an iMac.
  3. GOTERM and other problems

    Many thanks for the input Glenn and all the trouble you went to, I do appreciate it. I uninstalled TMG again, removed all the TMG folders in the windows paths; I re-read all your advice; checked all the settings, redid the data-paths.txt file and the instructions for it in the TMG help file before starting the new install of TMG. It now is working as hoped for (apart from resetting the exhibits which comes later). Many thanks again.
  4. GOTERM and other problems

    Glenn, I have tried the above with no success; including deleting and reinstalling several times and trying to remove all traces of the previous install. Is there anyone around who knows what the GOTERM message refers to? This might give a clue as to why it is happening. Michael
  5. I am running 7.01 , UK version, as I said in an earlier post on a virtual XP machine on an iMac. I have just uninstalled this; downloaded another from TMG and reinstalled and registered etc. It still starts with the GOTERM three screens which I instruct it to ignore and it then seems to work fine. However on closing the screen goes blank and the screen where TMG was remains as a grey rectangle with the ususal blue edge; it does not detatch from the system. In addition I cannot get it to remember where the last project used is and have to reload it every time; the first two options on the startup screen are greyed out. This has been the case with version 7.00 too. Michael
  6. Program Error message

    I have the same problems with the same setup; 7.01 running under Parallels on an iMac. I have never been able to get TMG to remeber the last database used in this setup. The goterm message is supposed to be for an 'early version' of 7.01 but I got it after d/l a 'real' version. I am about to try a reinstall but am away for two days. Michael www.galton.id.au