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  1. Hello again Jim, Thank you for the information re the driver needed to change the customizations from US to UK,,I just need to ask one more question which, to you technical guys possibly seems a stupid question (but I am blonde so feel I can still ask it) would I download the driver BEFORE I download and unlock the US version( which is on old computer & waiting to be unlocked)? Many thanks for your patience I do appreciate it. Barb.
  2. Hi again Jim, Thank you for that information about the driver needed to convert the US version to the UK, just bear with me with this one question which to you technical guys is probably a real dumb question (but I am blonde so feel I can ask it) would I download the driver onto new computer BEFORE I download and unlock the tmg program??? Thanks for your patience. Barb
  3. Oh Hello. I just replied but on the wrong section I think it ended up on end of Terry's answer, so here goes again, the version I downloaded as a trial is US but would like directions on how to alter that to the UK version please. I am just closing off now to make payment for the program and will then follow the directions I have received thru this forum to my query, I thank you both for replying I do appreciate all the help I am given. Barb
  4. Hi All, I have posted this on the pre sales forum but have not had a reply so will try here as I really want to purchase this software ASAP. I have tried the 30day trial which expired 2 weeks ago while my screen died on old computer, now have a laptop which is where I wish to download tmg vers.7 UKedition, my question is I transferred via gedcom file from GENERATIONS 4 onto the trial version, when I purchase the tmg software would I load it onto the new computer and then how do I transfer information across (via a file transfer cable I guess?) to laptop OR do I unlock the trial version first on old computer and then use a flash drive to download the information but how do I then get it onto laptop, does the licence allow to download onto 2 computers?? Also when I click for the unlock key, is there a box somewhere to state I want the UK version and not US? Barb
  5. Hi, I had been using the trial version of TMG and had trf my data via gedcom from GENERATIONS4, that went okay, my computer died for a while and the trial period finished, I bought a laptop now I want to buy the new gold ver.7. How can I get information onto TMG if I instal it on laptop or should I instal it on the old PC and trf info into that then would I be able to instal program onto laptop and trf info onto a flash drive from pc onto laptop?? do TMG allow you to instal programe onto 2 computers?? Would appreciate any help with this. Macca
  6. Thank you for the above information.
  7. Hi, I am trying out the 30 day trial of TMG, liking it so far (stilll can't add a citation??) Where can I go to buy the instalatiion cd instead of just downloading program...in case of a crash, I am in Australia do you have a list of retailers? Many thanks Macca
  8. tmg for mac?

    Many thanks for that I have printed out the instructions and shall follow that.
  9. I have just downloaded the 30 day trial of tmg v 7 on my pc, just wondering if its compatable with a mac as well? Macca
  10. I am testing 30day trial of TMG to see if it will transfer all my data from Generations 4, have tried to import but get message "wrong extension UDS for import file type Generations UDS. on the list to Import file type the only Generations listed has the extension *UDS I can't just use generations 4, my generations is on the hard drive. I have tried to import from a flash drive as well but won't work. Any suggestions please...PS I am a bit of a novice so I may just be missing a simple step!. Thanks in advance Macca