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  1. I downloaded the free img7 trial about a week ago and have worked on trying to import files from Family Tree Maker v16 an hour or more every day since. The help file is sketchy at best. First effort was to install img7 on a Vista machine and import FTM files from an XP machine via CD-R. Got an error message that the FTM files didn't appear to be in the IMG format. Of course not. When that didn't work, I downloaded another copy of img7 to the XP machine, thinking if both programs were on the same hard drive the transfer might work. No such luck. I would appreciate someone giving me step-by-step help before the 30 days trial runs out. Thanks in advance
  2. Importing from FTM v16

    Thanks for your help and quick responses. I will contact Support.
  3. Importing from FTM v16

    Thanks for your response. I tried importiing files with the extension .FTW first. When that failed, I tried files with the extension .FBK which also failed. I then tried the export feature of Family Tree Maker which produces an .FBK file. The file was placed in the folder "My Documents". No luck again in importing the file. With FTM running, clicking on "File/Open" produces a list three files with the .FTW extension named HOLMBERG FAMILY, HOLMBERG FAMILY2, AND Holmberg Family Export Copy. Using the "Import" command from the TMG welcome screen produces "Step 2: Import From" with a drop-down box with one entry: "Import From" which I presume refers to "Import File Type:" where Family Tree Maker (.*FTW) and Family Tree Maker Backup (*.FBK) are grayed out. Proceeding to the "Locate" button I can locate the above mentioned files in My Documents but when one of them is brought in to "File to import:" line the "Next" button remains grayed out. Please let me know how I can help you as I am anxious to experience TMG. Ralph1887