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  1. I have also had the same problems everyone else is experiencing with TMG 7.3 plus the added problem of not being able to create gedcoms. I have done everything that has been suggested and have given up using this program and have switched to another genealogy program that is working without any errors.
  2. Hi there I have just been searching the forum in the hope of finding a solution to the a pdf problem. I have the exact same problem and still haven't found a solution. I am also running version 7.3 on windows xp. I have installed cutepdf printer that can be downloaded from the wholly genes site, but this didn't solve the problem either. I think this would be a really good genealogy program if the owners could solve the problems that people are experiencing. This is not the only problem I have with the program. My other problem is trying to export 18 names into a gedcom, all goes ok but when I try to open the file it is not there. I might have to have a look at getting another program. Very frustrating
  3. creating reports

    Hi Virginia I have installed the cutepdf but haven't worked out why it wont print as yet. I can create family group sheets in word also so maybe I will have to use word to send through email. I am amazed at the help I have had with the forums for TMG you are the best. thanks again Gene
  4. creating reports

    Hi Virginia I have installed the program on another computer and created a report, that worked fine, but wouldn't allow me to send it by email. I have uninstalled and reinstalled TMG on my laptop and I still have the same issue, (it wont create the pdf), when I do a search for the pdf it looks like it hasn't been created. I don't understand why it wont allow me to create a new report but for ones that are already created they will open ok. This is very frustrating. When I have the time I will follow the instructions you have given me above. thanks for your time and effort, I will let you know how it goes. Thanks Gene
  5. creating reports

    Hi Everyone I have done all suggestions and I still get the above error message. The other thing is that when I create the file in adobe, then right click on the file it shows as being empty - 0 bytes. I know that adobe is working because I have opened other pdf's emailed to me that were created in other genealogy programs. Gene
  6. creating reports

    Just another update. I have updated to the latest adobe and I still have the same problem. Gene
  7. creating reports

    Hi Michael and Virginia I am trying to create a pdf file to send as an email attachment. I have done what you have suggested by installing the pdf printer, but still I can't create the file. the steps I take are: Highlight the people I want to make the file with. Go to reports, click Family Group Sheet > Selected People on the Project Explorer >click Save to file > Select file type Acrobat PDF > name file Henry, click create report. It then tries to create the file that is where Adobe reader opens and I get the above error message (first message in this group). I have also checked the settings in preferences, but maybe I am missing something.
  8. creating reports

    Thanks for the reply Virginia, maybe I didn't explain myself properly. I want to send the pdf as an email attachment. I tried what you suggested and still got the same error message. I have decided to print the report out and send it snail mail but it would be so much more convenient to send it through email. thanks Gene
  9. Hi When I create a pdf file of selected people and then try to open it in Adobe I get an error message stating 'Adobe could not open BryantDavies. pdf' because it is not either a supported file or because the file has been damaged (for example it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded). I have'nt tried to send it as an email attachment although that is what I eventually want to do. Can anyone help me solve this problem please. Thanks Gene
  10. trial version

    Hi Jim and Virginia First I am using Windows XP. I uninstalled the trial program and reinstalled and started entering data starting from me and my parents, all going well until I tried to enter a name of my sibling and then got the same message - Unknown member column4. 10 FRMADDPERSON.GRDPERSONLIST1.RESIZE. with ABORT RETRY CANCEL- sorry the CANCEL should be IGNORE I then clicked on IGNORE several times until it went away. I then went to the ADD PERSON icon and tried to add a sibling and got the same message, I continued to click on the IGNORE button so that I could add people I had to keep doing this to add people to the data base. When I imported a gedcom from another program I couldn't add people after hitting the ignore button , the menu bar was inactive. Virginia and Jim, you both seem to be advanced users of The Master Genealogist. Apart from the bug in the trial version do either of you have any other problems with the version you are using. By the way what version are you both using? Did either of you have anything to do with the making of the program? I am still undecided about the program. I like the layout and the options but with the bug in the trial version it doesn't make me feel confident that it is bug free. thats all for now Gene
  11. trial version

    Hello all Many thanks for the replies to my dilema. I tried to do a fix that Jim Bryam suggested but got the same error message. What I didn't mention was that the menu bar becomes inactive when I get the error message: Unknown member column4. 10 FRMADDPERSON.GRDPERSONLIST1.RESIZE. with ABORT RETRY CANCEL... I have to use abort, the others don't work. Jim the above error message happened at step (1) Virginia I only get one error message - the one above - then the menu bar becomes inactive and I can't do anything with it other than ctrl alt delete to clear the screen. Also I didn't mention that that other programs keep running ie email and anything else I might have open.
  12. I have downloaded the trial version in view of purchasing the full cd. I then imported a gedcom from another familytree program. The complete gedcom didn't load into The Master Genealogist, when I tried to add the children of a family that didn't load into the progam, the master genealogist freezes with an error message of : Unknown member column4. 10 FRMADDPERSON.GRDPERSONLIST1.RESIZE. Is this a problem with the trial version. To fix this problem and get the computer working again I have to ctrl alt delete and start the program again. I have looked at the settings and can't see anything out of the ordinary. I don't want to purchase the cd if this is a know problem with the full version. thanks Gene
  13. TMG

    I would like to purchasce TMG but would like to get it in New Zealand. Do you know if there is an on seller here in NZ. thanks Gene