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  1. TMG 8 with Windows 10?

    Good to hear some have not had a problem. My TMG8 boots up but lost its identity so to speak. It only recognises my first name and has lost all my other information and thinks it is an EXPIRED TRIAL VERSION after upgrading to Windows 10. Now for clarity I did have a Ver TMG 9 downloaded to try right before the shutdown and never was able to consumate the deal. SO that trial was still on there. Can't figure out why it would confuse the two programs.
  2. Chartform

    I am new to this forum. I have the GOLD EDITION V4.0d which I have not used since being laid off in 2000 & I am trying to get back into my history. I am running on XP. When I try to run a report I get a message saying - "File Error" Cannot find CTL3D.DLL When I click on this message I get - "Unable to run or generate report - Insufficient memory or invalid program file RRWRUN.exe" I see that others have experienced this and there is a file to fix this per Barb Grempler's post which says: Contact Dorothy or Phil in Tech Support and they can provide the missing file. This file was a system file in the Win98 days but is not included in WinXP. TMG 4 uses ctl3d.dll. How do I go about contacting Dorthy or Phil in Tech support from this forum window?