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  1. Can order on line a CD with English and Uk Verison : http://www.vicgum.asn.au/purchase.html Here are the details of the product on their website. Hurry !!! Purchase via credit card goes well with conversion of money
  2. Excellent !!! Done Whew..........................
  3. I'm confused as to why I can not buy v9.04? I have the latest v8 version and now want to upgrade to v9.04. I am shocked that I can not do that. I can download a full version of the program but that will expire. Right? I need the serial number from when I purchase v9 to keep it going. Right? I can not buy a USA 9 version on plant earth? Right? I usually buy the CD with the program so If the CD version is not available, I understand that. If the "whole" program is available online and I just need to "buy" a "serial number" then it should be set up that way. I understand the CEO is ill and that is very hard on everyone. I'm confused as to why a system could not be set up to exchange money for a serial number. I saw a comment from John Cardinal about "us" slow updaters. Is that the attitude ? I left Family tree because of the annual new versions. I also wanted more details. Your updates have been sometimes free, worth it and not as frequent. You realize many people like myself were able to get others to come this way. If i'm stuck with v8, then I"m outdated and will need to switch to another program sooner instead of waiting to see how this all turns out. Am I right? Hope Bob does well Joan Librarian Long Island New York