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  1. I have installed TMG Gold 9.05 and registered it. When I open it and try to open the Sample, I get an error message "when opening Data Tables." Also, when I open and operate TMG, it elects to operate in "Repair Mode." Any suggestions? Thank you!
  2. Printing Reports

    Concerning my recent post above: I uninstalled, then reinstalled my TMG PDF printer and it solved my problem. (Win 7)
  3. Printing Reports

    Pardon my joining this conversation, but I thought my concern might fit in. I tried to do> Report: Pedigree: File. And got the following messages: "Printer not activated, Error Code -30" (but it is) and "Unable to Start Print Job (TerPrint2, Errof Code 15." When I try to "Install Printer," I am told that the printer is already installed, and it is, but it does not appear among the options in the TMG print options. Can someone tell me what is wrong? Thank you.