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  1. Word Journal Report Problem

    Robin - Using the sample project, six people, 2 generations, I got the same result. An ASCII file was printed, a Word file was not. After much computer housekeeping the following error message has returned - '...Conversion error 3 ... could not create or open CONV_LOG on scratch drive ...' Pat
  2. I'm using Ver 6 UK Gold and attempting to extract a list of those living at a particular time. I have been following 'Getting the Most out of TMG', page 176 and also seen the FAQ 'How can I find census candidates for a particular year?' Both references suggest using the following filter line - but I'm still stumped! *Death Group ... Tag does not exist )) OR 1 'Tag does not exist' does not appear in the sub-field drop-down box 2 I can enter one ')' but not two. Oh! Wise ones ... how do I get around this?
  3. Filter 'Tag does not exist'

    Many thanks Terry. This was not obvious to my ancient and tired mind! I am now using Ver. 7 After sorting out the missing bracket (in Step 3) I got it working, but now hope to rewrite it to cover earlier census dates, so I need to set a life span of (census date +/- 105 years), not just (census date - 105 years) as in the book. This is a job for next week - I can handle only so much confusion! It would seem (from page 176) that the missing bracket in Step 3 should be at the end of 4, thus *Death Group... #of Tags = 0 ) OR Could you please comment? A little light in my present darkness would be much appreciated! Kind regards, Pat
  4. On clearing the picklist filter I get the error 'Value Cannot Be Empty' and the filtered results remain. I tried switching between Simple and Expanded List - the problem remained. Rather than waste too much time I shut down and restarted. As expected, this cleared the problem, but on filtering the picklist the error has reappeared. I'm using the English version and XP I have plodded through the topics, but it seems that I am the only one experiencing this problem. Is it finger trouble on my part?
  5. Hello Virginia. It seems that I'm not going gagah after all! Many thanks Pat
  6. Today I bit the bullet and decided to upgrade my V6 Gold Uk to V7. After a few problems (I hadn't visited the site for some time) I placed my order and received two acknowlegements and was notified that download instructions and unlock key would follow. The third message appeared in Mailwasher Pro, I clicked 'Process Mail', the icon dimmed (it doesn't usually do that) and Outlook didn't appear (it should). As I feared, the message had dissapeared. It wasn't in the spam filter. Pause for thought! I have emailed the addresses in the two earlier messages requesting a repeat, but so far no reply. Has anyone any idea what else I could do? As I write before, I haven't visited the site for some time, but I have the impression that the site is not as 'user-friendly' as it used to be - certainly the downloading information is not as clear as before. Worst of all - where are specific details on how to chase up lost or detailed orders? (or am I too tired after a long, busy day at this keyboard to find them?!!) Off to bed, I'll try again tomorrow! Pat
  7. Lost Download and Unlock Key Message

    Hello Jim, Done that, waiting patiently... Pat
  8. Name-Marr tag post-entry

    Regarding slashes in dates - why use them? I use the date format that prints as, for example, 25 Dec 2007. Would this solve the problem for our enquirer?
  9. The Relationship Calculator is giving me a result which I cannot understand. I am checking the relationship between two 1st cousins, 1 time removed, and the progenitor of the line. Cousin A's relationship is 27th. & 28th. great grandson. Cousin B's relationship is 28th. & 29th. great grandson. Why is the Calculator coming up with e.g. 27th. AND 28th. relationship? Anyone any ideas? Pat Dunbar
  10. Relationship Calculator

    Mike, Many thanks for the reply - the mist clears! Kind regards, Pat Dunbar
  11. Once again I'm chasing my tail and hoping that a cleared head (certainly not mine!) will help. In the main database of my primary project I have just over 50,000 names. Today I attempted to locate a record [#7850 Phoebe Dunbar] and it didn't appear in the picklist. I found the record by Reference Number. However to check TMG I then searched by using both the simple and advanced picklists, and also by running reports. The picklist displayed 9 names The report listed 2 additional names (total 11) Neither included #7850 I ran Validate File Integrity - result no problems, then Optimised. I re-ran reports, rechecked picklists, still no Phoebe. The report I used was List of People, filter 'any given name contains [?]' (I entered 'Phoebe') I modified the filter to 'sex does not include male' and any given name contains [?] - same results I tried filering the picklists, once 'primary names only' . Still no Phoebe. The only observation is that all other results were 5 digit (e.g. #33883, #434410) and the wanted result 4 digit. So what is peventing the picklist from displaying all ID's? More worrying, how can I depend on the fidelity of picklist information and report filtering? Pat Dunbar
  12. Picklist and Filter Problems

    Terry, A strange tale follows! As you suggested I checked the Given Name in the Tag Entry panel: it showed "Phoebe". F2 -The Picklist did not show '#1:1750 Phoebe Dunbar' In the Tag Entry I deleted, then re-entered "Phoebe" F2 - The Picklist then showed '#1:1750 Phoebe Dunbar' Problems 1) How many more similar entries are missing from my picklist, and how can I locate them? (Please bear in mind that I had already Re-indexed) 2) Is this a possible problem with this version of TMG? My version is Gold, English, fully updated. Kind regards, Pat
  13. Is there a way to get ID's displayed in the Master Place list? On occassions I have noticed something of interest in the MPL then spent ages attempting to locate the corresponding record. Had the ID been available there would have been no problem. I have investigated this in the past and as a result inserted a 'ID' column in the MPL - but I couldn't discover how to fill my blank column with ID's. Is there a solution - or is this an item for the 'wish list' ? Pat Dunbar
  14. Master Place List and ID's

    Vera, Many thanks - problem solved! If only I had expanded the Principal column........! To all others - also many thanks. I'll now go quietly to bed. Pat D.
  15. Master Place List and ID's

    Terry, Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding - I have had a 24 hour line failure. I'm confused! Perhaps you misread my query. My original question was, is it possible to include the ID's as a column in the Master Place List. John said I could view the ID's in the MPL by highlighting the location, then clicking 'Event '. When I did this I got columns - Data Set, Type, Principal 1, Principal 2, Date, Place, Memo, (but no ID column). If John is correct, this suggests to me that I have to customise something - I have been around in circles trying to find a way to do this. So, is it possible to display ID's in the MPL? Kind regards, Pat
  16. Master Place List and ID's

    John, I must be missing something. What I get displayed is - Data Set, Type, Principal 1, Principal 2, Date, Place, Memo Pat
  17. I am having difficulty printing a file which contains several colateral lines. The screen display of the file is perfect. Page 1 displays the Progenitor. Subsequent 'twigs' each start on a new page. Pages are numbered in sequence. In saving to file as Word Ver. 8, there are problems, and Word recovers the file. On examination, Page 1 is blank, Progenitor data begins on page 2. Following the last page of the Progenitor's data are two blank pages numbered 1 & 2, the 'twig' data beginning on page 3. Two blank pages precede each subsequent 'twig' numbered as before 1,2 & the twig data begins on page 3. I'm baffled! Could someone please help?
  18. Printing Problem, Journal Report

    Peter, Many thanks. Pat
  19. Printing Problem, Journal Report

    A quick fix! After posting the above I opened the Word file and after deleting page breaks the pagination righted itself. I would however appreciate any information on preventing the imbedding of unwanted page breaks in Journal files.
  20. PAF Import Problem

    A researcher has sent me a PAF file of 7693 people and I am unable to import it. I have tried both Simple and Advanced import and get the same results. The Import starts, and I get the error' Declare DLL call causes an exception 114Paf4MAIN. On the first attempt at importing I 'Ignored' many times and got as far as 'Import Other Information' when error 134PAF MAIN appeared. Would someone please tell me how to import the file and explain what is going on? Pat Dunbar
  21. PAF Import Problem

    Jim, Many thanks - the PAF file imported without problems from the Welcome window. I have had several attempts to post this, so please excuse me if you get more than one response from me. Kind regards, Pat
  22. Custom Flags and Multiple Data Sets

    Hello Robert, I agree with Terry. I have one Project for my one-name study. The main database contains every name but not full details. I have separate databases for families lines of particular interest and these contain information in greater detail. In effect, I use the main database as an index to the others when new information comes in. Reports from the main database look a rats nest until tidied up; reports from the other databases have evolved into a workable form. I try to cross-reference between databases by ID numbers; #1:12345 would correspond to #5;12345. I blanche at the thought of total ID correspondence, but ensure that at least Progenitors have the same ID. For my own family line I reserved a series of ID numbers - may father is #1, I'm #3 - you can play god in your own little universe! Good luck with the one-name study! Pat Dunbar One-name Study Member of the Guild of One-Name Studies
  23. Up to the present I have spent most of my time researching, entering data and using fairly simple reports. I would appreciate some assistance with the following problem. I am attempting to write a report listing all military personnel together with their military history I have extracted a List of People using a Flag. From here I guess I have to enter this list into a Focus group and then write a Journal report. Is there a way to get my list into a Focus group in one hit, or do I have to enter each ID individually? I hope so; it is a long list! Have I missed something? Is there an easier way to do this?
  24. Report Writing – Help Requested

    Virginia - many thanks! Terry - also many thanks. The Individual Narrative does the trick. I now have just what I want - a list of military personell together with their service histories.