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  1. I have a lot of data in Excel format, and wish to import it into TMG - I dread the tought of having to type it in. Any suggestions would be most welcomed Pat Dunbar
  2. TMG & Excel files

    I have some Excel files (the largest 5,000 records) and dread the thought of typing the data into TMG. Any suggestions please? Pat Dunbar
  3. Tabular research report

    Theresa, Many thanks for the detailed reply. Whew! It seems as if my addled old brain will have to take a rest from sifting data, and instead concentrate on TMG reports - a subject I have neglected. Up to now I have fudged things by tampering with sentences. As you suggest, I'll visit Terry's site. Kind regards, Pat
  4. Tabular research report

    Huh! from me too! Please explain 'tabular language' - where do I get information on this? Pat Dunbar
  5. How can I get a collateral line to start on a new page when outputting a Descendant Indented Chart? When I print a Journal Report, each collateral line prints on a separate page. In contrast, the Descendancy follows on without a page break which makes the report difficult to follow. I'm using TMG Gold, English version, 6.12
  6. Reports for Collateral Lines

    Sorry, folks! Problem solved. Put it down to the imopatience of youth - or me approaching senility! To screen, the Descendancy report runs on - when printed a Section Break appears (I'm using Word) so each collateral line starts on its own page.
  7. reinstalling serial number

    Hello JoanT, How nice to meet a fellow sufferer! It's the sort of thing I do! I keep all my serial numbers, passwords etc. in a small book - this helps, but sometimes the one I need I haven't listed. Send a message to the Wholly Genes help line, give them your details and they will no doubt be of great service. I have found them extremely helpful in the past. Pat D.
  8. I find that [CR] has to be entered on a separate line in a Memo field to make it print in a Journal report. However, this means that the PV memo is blank. How can I display PV Memo data, but improve the layout of reports by utilising [CR]s as above?
  9. Report Difficulty

    I would welcome suggestions to help me solve a Report problem. I am following several lines of research, and have others assisting me. In my database I have attached a Researcher tag to the progenitors of each line, and in the Memo I record researchers working on that line. I have had no success using a List of People for this will list only one line for each record. The report I need is one that will list progenitors and a list of their associated researchers, along these lines - Progenitor Researcher Robert Dunbar A. Smith B. Jones Alexander Dunbar T. Brown U. Green It seems that an Event report might do this, but I cannot figure out how to do it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Pat Dunbar Organiser, Dunbar One-Name Study