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  1. I've been away from TMG and especially VCF for some time. The version of VCF that I have is Is this the latest version. John.
  2. I am using TMG7; with Vista. When I print out an ancestor chart, using my Lexmark T430 laser printer, the cut marks are for the most part invisable, or at best occasionally visable by using a magnifying glass. I reported this in October 2,2005; Robin L replied confirming ths problem and stated that he would report the problem. I hope that this problem will be corrected. John.
  3. FoxPro Fatal Error

    Bob. I have had something similar. I am running Vista. Had Birth / Tag Entry screen open. On 2 occasions, when I 'clicked' on cancel or on an entry in the Citation window, the Operating System crashed. No data lost. This only happens with TMG. John.
  4. I'm just beginning to 'play' with VCF. In VCF File > Properties; some information is given, but in my opinion I'd like to see more. Such as: TMG / Report Definition Screen-Descendant Chart: Options > Chart Style. I'd like to see the current settings for: Title Location / Diagram Location / Gap between Boxes. This would help when you are experimenting with different settings; trying to set up the Chart to your liking. It would be nice if this property data could be printed out to a separate letter size page. John.
  5. Tool Tips

    In working with the current version of VCF, TMG 6.04; it appears that the tools tips are missing. First posted to TMG-L; Jim Byram appears to agree. John.
  6. Cut Marks

    John. I just did that. dropped my printer resolution down to 600 from 1200. I can now see the cut marks; faint but visible. See my latest post on the List. Thanks for you help, you gave me the tip that I needed. John Gregson
  7. I am using TMG 6.04; WinXP Pro SP2 Printer is a Lexmark T-430 I can see cut marks in the Print Preview, but if the margin settings (L & R) are set below 0.7 inches then these cut marks will not print out. At 0.7 inches they print but at 0,6 inches they do not print out. John Gregson
  8. Cut Marks

    I must be doing something wrong. I am running TMG 6.04; WinXP SP2; 512 M RAM My printer is a Lexmark T430DN I've just started to again use VCF, after a very long absence. However, when I print out a chart that has 10 pages, there are no cut marks present. John