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  1. Page Margins

    I don't think it's a printer or computer error, I think it's an error in the program. I also think this problem is only going to be detected by people using wide format printers on very large charts. The original chart was 24 foot wide by 3 foot deep and was showing as being on one page, there was a 2 inch margin on the top, bottom and right side of the chart and a one inch margin on the left but when the chart was printed (it's printed from right to left so the left side of the chart comes out of the printer last) the one inch margin appeared not to be there and the print stopped just one inch short of the end, chopping the first box on the chart in half. The obvious solution was to make the canvas size larger, which we did, however the extra canvas was always to the right side of the chart and this required the entire chart to be moved over to the right to compensate, however this is where another problem occurred, as soon as the chart was moved, even by a single nudge, certain elements moved seriously out of place by up to 2 inches, even when all the elements of the chart had been grouped before moving. I've been talking to Robin Lamacraft in Australia and he reckons there's a problem with the orthogonal lines element on the program. In the end we had to ask the customer to redraw the charts and include an empty box on the left side of the chart a few inches to the left of the first box on the chart, this had the effect of pushing the whole chart over to the right and it cured the problem. the empty box (which again was not printed in full) could be trimmed off the end of the print. Robin has evidently mentioned the problem to the program developers but they have yet to do something to correct the error. Regards Ron www.genealogyprinters.com
  2. Page Margins

    When trying to print a 22 foot x 3 foot chart the print stops at the last half an inch and is incomplete. Following a telephone conversation with Robin Lamacraft we tried various methods to overcome this problem, first of all we made the canvas size 8 inches larger than the chart in width. The chart was placed on the wider canvas but all the blank space was on the right of the chart, we required the chart to have an equal amount of blank space at both ends. We then grouped all items on the chart and then tried to move the chart over to the right so that there was a larger border of blank space on the left side of the chart. When the chart was moved some of the elements were out of position, it appeared that they had not become part of the grouping process. Is there anything that can be done to overcome this problem. Many thanks Ron