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  1. Death & Burial Events/Dates

    If the burial tag was sorted to last place but you had no date, what's the problem? If you later found a burial date plus probate and other disposition of property, and research notes, entering a burial date would put it in the correct sort order wouldn't it? The same with birth tag; would you ever have events happening before someone was born? Would marriage ever happen before someone was born? Or baptism?
  2. Death & Burial Events/Dates

    Yes there can be some events after the burial like those mentioned. However, i have about 5,000 in my database and have never had one case of that. I still think it would be easier and time-saving to have burial to always follow death and for the few and seldom cases, go in and put a burial date. Without obits, I usually don't know date of burial anyway. So why go to unnecessary effort 100% of the time just so something that happens 0.01% of the time will be properly sorted?
  3. Death & Burial Events/Dates

    Is there a way to have the burial tag automatically follow the death tag? It works that way on Ancestry.com and is very convenient. Obviously, burial is the last event in a person's life. It certainly wouldn't precede any other event, right? That way the burial date could be left blank and not have this tag end up at the top of the other tags.
  4. Is there a way to create a report list of baptisms at one church? I know how to filter that group but not have the dates of baptisms show up. All I would like in the list is the person's name and date of baptism for one particular church. The name of the church would be in the title.
  5. Well, that wasn't the answer I was hoping for. You know what I mean about one or more persons who witnessed another being baptised. It seems that, in my case, the two witnesses would come through into the report just as the event did. But it didn't and I couldn't find any other kind of witness to select other than the one I did. Besides if you don't know, then who would? You are the go-to guy.
  6. Thanks Terry, that worked. Is there a way to have the witnessed baptism show up in the report? I selected "Tag Type sentence witness" and added witnesses to the baptism event, but the witness names don't show up. Also is there a way to make the format of the report look better? Like the date title is left justified with periods after it while the dates below the DATE is right justified.
  7. It sure would be great if TMG could sync with Ancestry.com. I tried their Family Tree Maker 2012 and their sync does work. But when I imported my TMG project into FTM, the tags and links were all messed up. FTM is no match for TMG. It does have some nice features but at the same time is missing the powerful features of TMG. I have returned it for a refund. But right now I am keeping two trees up to date. The one on Ancestry and the one in TMG. This doubles the work and effort. Is there any way to make this easier? Maybe I'm doing things the hard way.
  8. Use the Project Explorer

    I don't see two yellow buttons on my toolbar. I'm using v7.
  9. I've been using TMG for years but never used the Repository or Citations. I've been trying to understand how to use it and find it very frustrating. I wish TMG had a video step by step on how to create and use them. I've tried but when I print out Individual Detail report, it includes "unknown Repository" and "unknown repository address". So far I have been trying to apply it to marriage licenses in Missouri. Is this really worth the effort? It seemed like a good idea.
  10. Backup Failure

    Well, I don't have WinZIP. Funny, years ago I used it all the time on computers before this and the last one. It's a good utility but I haven't installed it or used it for the past decade. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Backup Failure

    The backups are on the same hard drive and the path is correct. It is under C:\Users\Neil\My Documents\the master genealogist v7\Backups. Since I posted my reply, I cold re-booted my computer and it backed up OK. It seems to work most of the time but not sure why it fails when it does. Maybe it's my computer.
  12. Backup Failure

    I've got the same error message and I rechecked my backup path and it's correct. It seems to backup fine sometimes like it was OK yesterday.
  13. In TMG v.7, is it possible to do global change from address to residence tags? I was inconsistent between using these. In fact I don't think that I have any true address tags.
  14. The Future for TMG

    I've had TMG from just about the very beginning. I still have a Tutorial with a yellow cover dated 1996. I think that I no longer have what came before that in the way of disks and manuals. So I've been using TMG for at least 15 years. During all those years I've felt a loyalty to WG. Now I don't see WG returning the same loyalty to us as users. They have promised v.8 for several years now and keep saying that it is coming, coming, it's almost here. The latest promise that I remember was it would be not ready by last Christmas but coming very soon and we could pre-order and save 10% when it does come out. Why are we being kept in the dark? I'm beginning to wonder if it really is going to happen. UPDATE: I just found my "Getting Started" manual for Version 1.0, dated June, 1993. So I guess I really do go back to the roots of TMG.
  15. TMG v. 7.04 Silver Is it possible to export to GEDCOM Living people information only? I've tried using Focus groups but that would take too long. Using Export Wizard would also take a lot of time as well. I know how to export to GEDCOM leaving off info for living but now I would like to go back and add that information.
  16. You're right but I had never used the focus group before so it would be hard until I learned how. I have and thanks to your directions accomplished my goals.
  17. I have Windows 7, 64 bit and running TMG version 7.04 Silver. In my task bar the icon for TMG shows "The Master Genealogist v7 (2)". Why is the (2) there? Am I running two instances of the program or what?
  18. Waiting for ver. 8

    The problem is finally solved! It turns out that my photo images (JPG) were all checked off as hidden. I went through Windows Explorer and unchecked the hidden box in Properties. Now it all works. I have no idea how my photos were all checked to be hidden while other folders with JPG's were not. Thanks all for your help. This, I hope, is the final problem with my images. But you have been a great help in everything. Thanks for your time and concern for my frustration.
  19. Waiting for ver. 8

    The path to my images is c:\users\neil\my pictures. I can't select any sub-folders.
  20. Waiting for ver. 8

    I do have access to the sub-folders. No problem there.
  21. Waiting for ver. 8

    I have read it over several times. 1c. Add the new Exhibits path(s) to the List of Folders for Location screen i. On the List of folders for location screen, click [Add] and add the Exhibits folder path. Note: If your exhibits are stored in multiple folders, you must add a path for every folder. If you add only the parent folder for the folder tree, the sub-folders will not be searched automatically. I added the parent folder because it won't take the sub-folders adding to the list. I end up with the same message: "44 external exhibit files were checked. 41 exhibit files were not found" If I load an image, it displays the correct path for a moment, then disappears. What am I doing wrong...if I am?
  22. Waiting for ver. 8

    Images show up as thumbnails but scanned documents show up as external files. Both images and documents were scanned by me on my scanner. I can't add new images either. I can go and select them but nothing happens.
  23. Waiting for ver. 8

    My pictures show up in the program but I can't add any more or edit the one's I have. The Last VFI files says they were not found but they are there where the path points to. I copied some images to the exhibits location as well, but they are included in the not found group as well. This is bigger than I can understand.
  24. Waiting for ver. 8

    The only files in the exhibit folder are the TMG samples. It looks like I'm missing about 42 files.
  25. Waiting for ver. 8

    OK, I did all that and got the same results. In running Maintenance, Validite File Integrity, the message box at the end said: Validation Complete, no problems found 45 external exhibit files were checked 42 exhibit files were not found No folders were specified to search for exhibits (By the way, in this reply box how come I can't paste or insert an image?) Anyway, what folders should I specify to be searched?