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  1. Thanks Jim! Have no questions on the instructions for now. I'll pass on the information. Thanks, Tom Momeyer
  2. Hi, A couple of our TMG user group members started with TMG US version and recently their TMG says UK version. The message below says Jim Byram provided an answer on the Wholly Genes forum. We can't find the response. Help??? Thanks, Tom From: "Eric Netteberg" <netteberg@comcast.net> Subject: [TMG] v9 UK or US edition? Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 15:18:49 -0600 I'm finally upgrading from v8 to v9 of TMG. I purchased v9 this past September - buying both the license and a physical disc. I installed from the disc and discovered that I had installed the UK edition, not the US edition as I had ordered. The label on the disc gives no indication of which edition is on the disc. I removed the UK edition from my computer and downloaded the US edition of the v9 installer ( <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001m7-e4Im-paH8XUBlUHjxImVI42hOVADgjZRSBw51h7pV CKXEQZXtnnn2G_-_sGU5IwcUSdPZpW19gaimIDDsOSI6gaULru7eymWZHEWFBAPjpsTx7UsCRjwi TApGXo3YGB5LNJFwUlV35EqFj5Nu9YzvuGW6JjdzopFtZuvbcw0gYYXRbrALTna--qgkhqb0tJ-W mLfZPSA=&c=2d_qkqqLnpkEkXf5KqAidqg018LM18q_qIoalDZEsQLAe77BhG9HZw==&ch=a0t-o BsvaDhoZUoEr5dgKWpsDaxy3FDfK760Bcwl5YJx31CdYzodHg==> http://whollygenes.swmirror.com/tmg9setup.exe) from the Wholly Genes website. After installment from the downloaded installer, the About The Master Genealogist under the Help menu again shows me as having the UK edition. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Shortcut to source exhibit

    sjordan, As you noted, once the tag is open, the source(s) and source number(s) are visible, and from there it's as you pointed out 4-5 "clicks" through to viewing the exhibit. Another way to do this, you could try keeping a second "instance" of TMG running and open to the master source list and sort the list on the source numbers. Then in the first instance of TMG, with a tag open and the source number(s) visible, you could open the source and then view the exhibit in the second instance of TMG. Similar to your method, I'm also attaching exhibits to sources. I don't "do" this for the sole reason of being able to view it, rather it is to attach the "proof" to the source and have them connected within the database, albeit as external exhibits. Thus, the "proof" travels with and is a part of the database as long as the exhibit paths are maintained. I realize that others don't "do this" and thus with TMG, there is flexibility allowing different work methods. Similar to Terry, I also have an organized filing system for images and as another option for viewing the exhibit, I could keep an instance of windows explorer or any photo/image viewing software open and nagivate quickly and open the TMG exhibit. The difference in number of clicks to get there would not sway me to use one method or the other. Another method to view the exhibit that I use most often, is to view it through a Second Site "local" website on my local hard drive. So, my workflow when adding tags/events, may consist of adding one or more and then "build" a new Second Site local website to view the tag sentences and citations as a way to proof / check the work. When viewing the person in Second Site, there are various ways to show the footnotes, and the way that I choose to do so, means that I can view the person detail, tags, sentences, with the footnote number and scroll to the bottom of the page and open the attached exhibit which shows up as an icon after the footnote.
  4. Afina, Yes, you can do that. More info here on using Repository Memo fields: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/TMG/2013-01/1358792828 Tom
  5. Images Upside Down

    Gary, Not knowing Terry's response, here's another choice. Check out XnView and info on rotation here: http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=1420 Tom
  6. Lee, Here's an example, http://www.dvelten.net/vaf-o/utz_album.htm (not my site). In the example you gave, the images of unknown people don't have to be added to TMG as Exhibits. In Second Site, you can create links to images using SS Slideshows or as Terry suggested, SS Image Galleries. If you opt for slideshows, they can be set to start automatically or not. You can create similar image galleries using not just unidentified people, but anything else, e.g., an album of tintypes, album / scrapbooks where someone long ago wrote stories on birchbark leading into an album of photos - many with captions, but very few people identified. You can add captions (outside of TMG) in the image properties called IPTC/XMP metadata, and SS gives you the option to show those metadata captions. As Terry noted, I also recommend using the SS support forum on google groups.
  7. External Exhibit Fix

    My guess is that this is because, TMG is backing up exhibits that it "finds" and those that you said were relocated and missing are not included. So, you're still left with locating the missing exhibits.
  8. Font size in narrative reports

    Mike, See Terry Reigel's info here: http://tmg.reigelridge.com/WordMacros.htm If you download his macro for report processing and run it on a TMG MS Word Journal report, you'll see that the footnotes are changed to smaller font height and from one column to two columns. If you don't like some of the formatting changes, you can edit the macro. Tom
  9. External Exhibit Fix

    Hi, Another software, PathWiz!, allows you to filter the project for missing exhibits, and change the paths. If the change is simply a drive path change, say from C: to X:, with all subfolders below remaining the same, you may be able to use PathWiz to make one global change. If each missing exhibit moved to different subfolders, then you may have to click into each missing exhibit (on the PathWiz screen or form) and navigate to the new location. Here's the webpage: http://beesoft.soho.on.net/BeeSoft/PathwizV8/index.html Tom
  10. Ron, Here's an interesting solution http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/r...7-08/1188240045. Someone suggested using a custom History-Photo tag because the history group tags don't have Principals, and the author of the message countered with a suggestion of using custom photo tags (multiple) where there are Principals, selected from photo. I recently tackled the same issue you brought up, however, I solved it for a couple of group photos by making new Photo tag in TMG that doesn't print, that does show up in Second Site. I may reconsider, and make them "visible" in TMG, with a sentence that shows up in TMG reports. Like you, I'll be watching other responses. Tom
  11. Hi, Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble posting to this forum? If I try to "quote" a message, the entire "message" appears and I can't "snip" or shorten it to the portion relevant to my response. So... then try to copy / paste just a portion and can't do that either. OK, gave up on that. Then, in a new message or a response, I type a few lines and want to go back and edit and can't click in to a specific location in the message... oops... there's actually no cursor to move around and I can't go back and edit... am I missing some way in using this forum hosted at the wholly genes website? Messages in a topic are not easy to follow... only in the sense that it takes a lot of time/energy to follow posts to the wholly genes forum as opposed to the rootsweb listserv. Is it possible to change out the format of this wholly genes discussion board to something easier to follow and respond to? thanks, Tom
  12. The Future for TMG

    Jon, Thanks for posting. I agree that concern about the underlying database going out of date is valid. Don't worry about bringing it up again or asking the question. We're all investing lots of time and energy with the software and would appreciate some indication that there is "work in progress" towards the "going forward". It's pretty obvious that as Jim B says that it may come up from time to time, however, since I started using TMG, I haven't seen any messages that work is in progress towards updates to the out-of-date underlying database... sorry if I missed any! So... yes, like you, assurances regarding progress would be welcome other than assurances that it has been "discussed"! Thanks for posting! Tom.
  13. Hi, If one of the three "locations" you're adding source elements for is similar to a repository, you could use multiple repository memo fields to "hold" individual location elements that need to be re-ordered to follow Mill's style guides from the Full Footnote to the Bibliography. I needed more control over this, for instance having to re-order the "department", the city, the state, etc for Vital Records and the repository memo fields are allowing me to do this. Another benefit is that the info can be re-used for multiple sources without re-keying in the same data used in each new source from the same place. The term "repository" doesn't need to show up anywhere in the output, thus the Repository memo fields could be used creatively for more than just the defined term "repository" Tom
  14. Share Partial TMG dataset

    OK, Thanks for the ideas for how to share partial datasets between TMG users. I'm new at this, and this morning played around with a dataset that I got off of GEDCOM using the Project Explorer, Focus Groups, and Filters. I think that creating the Focus Group using the Add Other features and then running a report with secondary set to creating a new project worked A-OK! Thanks for ideas. Tom
  15. Hi, Family History Photo & Document Cataloging: I'm looking for an organized method for labeling photos and documents that 'tags' it to the digital scan of the item. And would like to be able to store text and keywords with the scanned items to make searches and finding digital items easier to do. Recently purchased TMG Gold Version 7, however, from looking at a couple of recommended "links" sites, I suspect that others may use Clooz or other programs. What are recommendations? And, are you writing on the back of the items with archival ink or using sheet protectors for each item with the identifier number on the protector? Scanning: Did some research on the internet and came up with recommendations to 300 to 600 dpi and 24 bit color resolution (for black and white and color photos). Will probably be 'borrowing' some items and have to return them, so would like a good digital copy. And, would like to share digital copies of items that I have, so I read that if you start 'high res' you can always dumb down (compress or change to lower res) to fit more on a CD or DVD or lower it down even further to use in email or the web. What are others using if not 600 dpi and 24 bit color resolution? Thanks, Tom