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  1. Hi Robin, thanks for your reply. What I need to do is have four symbols - circle (female), Triangle (male), strike-through circle (deceased female) and strike-through triangle (deceased male) If I could do those in 2 or 3 different colours, that would be even better. As you describe - there are problems with the symbols getting squashed the closer they are to the bottom of the page. Oddly, when I tried it with the sample that is provided with the program in the same view, the boxes didn't squash up towards the bottom of the page - is there same way I can stop that happening on my own project? How does one "add a small version of the symbol (circle or triangle) at the attachment port of that person to the descendant chart"? Perhaps this could be my solution. My other problem is that while I am able to flag for sex OR living/dead status, I can't see how to flag for both - which I really need to do. Is this something I can solve with the attachment port? I need to have the symbol at the top of the box, the Name beneath, and then 6 or 7 lines beneath. At the moment, I can't even get the text off the symbols, being new to the program. I drew the boxes as per Virginia's instructions above. I have made a zip file, but I can't see where to attach it. Also, I'm not sure I want to post it on a public forum as this may be displeasing to my superiors. I see you're in Adelaide - is it at all possible to speak to you on the phone and/or email it to you offlist? many thanks for your help, Penelope
  2. Ok, I couldn't find 7.4, but I did find 7.3 and I've updated it. It's now bringing up the frames nicely and it will use the frames that come with the program. However, the ones that I have made myself, even though they come up for selection along with the others when I hit the browse button, do not display when I actually seek to apply them the chart generated is just the plain one with the blue frame that is the default. Any more clues out there? RobinL - I am also needing to use triangles and circles, did you manage to make some that worked?
  3. H'm. No, I've just got v7. is there some particular reason why it wont work on this version?
  4. I've been trying to use the custome frames here described, but every time I get as far as "chart options" and click on the the "other file" button or the "..." button it all goes pear-shaped. Instead of getting thumbnails of the various chart options, a window opens asking me to locate ltocx1.ocx and no files are visible. If I change the menu at the bottom to "all files" they appear, but whenever I try to open one, I get the following error code: ErrorMarker: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 12 FRMDESCOPTIONS.PGFCHARTOPTIONS1.PAGE2.CNTBOXES1.CNTMETAFILESELECTOR.CMDSELECTFIL E.CLICK This is a real problem for me as I am making charts for legal purposes and they need to be right. Can anyone please help me? I have tried trinstalling the program 3 times, it makes no difference. Penelope