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  1. I get the following error message when using the above tags: Property RNETYPEOLD is not found. 136 FRMTTL.CMDOK.CLICK When I hit RETRY I get the error When I hit IGNORE everything seems to work fine. When I hit ABORT: TMG is disabled. The menu bar is disables with a few unhelpful items still functioning not including BACKUP. The X in the right hand corner is greyed out. All new work is lost Can only close the program using the Task Manager. Using IGNORE seems to bbe a workaround until the problem is fixed. Using the workaround, I noticed that the surname does not appear in the surname position, it must be manually entered. I assume this is part of the error. I'm using Win XP SP3 with all the updates and TMG v8.07 Using a Dell Latitude D830 with all up to date drivers, USB Flash Drive for the TMG data files Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I had the same problem. I couldn't get a report to print unless I turned off my firewall. At times, I couldn't get the program to run. When I run the program, I run it without the firewall on. Vince Hi Virginia, Yes, barebones, no endnotes, footnotes or anything else that could be set to NONE. BTW, in hopes of helping someone else: The original hourglass mystery was solved. Turned out that it was caused by AdAware (spyware protection program). On the notebook, a notification window popped up informing me that an .exe file wanted to run and if I wanted to ALLOW or BLOCK this. As soon as I hit ALLOW TMG proceeded - regrettably only till it showed the Conversion Error 3 :-( That message never displayed on the desktop (I'm in the process of replacing that system anyway)... Irene
  3. Is there any way to create a new project using information already entered into an existing project in TMGv7. I need to seperate a part of my project to send without exposing my entire project. Do I need to start from scratch or can I seperate a part of my project to create a new project. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Vince