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  1. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    Try the simple link below. It works for me every time. www.whollygenes.com Virginia
  2. Export Master Place List, including Place Styles?

    Try the Report 'List of Places' in TMG. There you can set the columns you want and send to Excel. Virginia
  3. Organizing tag order

    Note there is an option in one of the Preferences to sort the burial date after the death date. Virginia
  4. Printing to JPG

    Don't know of this applies, but there are discussions on the Mac forums about printer problems under Parallels: https://forum.parallels.com/threads/usb-printing-problem-solved-generic-solution.2549/ Virginia
  5. Printing to JPG

    There may be no connection to your problem, but do you have the Wholly Genes PDF printer installed and - under that printer Properties - the port set to Nul ? TMG uses that printer driver for the screen display. Note it does not have to be, nor should it be, your default printer, just installed on the computer. The report configuration I sent you was for a Descendant chart. If it installed properly it should appear in the list of charts on the dropdown list at the top of the Descendant Chart configuration page. Virginia
  6. Printing to JPG

    There must be something in the report definition unique to my setup. Just reading through it I can't see anything. There is a discussion of a similar very simple one-page chart in the forum here: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=10885 This lists the settings and shows the resultant chart.. You may get some ideas for a basic chart from that. At the top of the VCF forum are links to examples of other one-page charts. Sorry not to have been of more help with this particular chart. Virginia
  7. Printing to JPG

    There should not be a problem then. Is that configuration listed with the other Ancestor Charts in VCF and can you click on it to print a report? Virginia
  8. Printing to JPG

    Once the file is in the correct folder, it should be listed under TMG / Reports / Ancestor Box Chart. Those files are simple text files that you can open and edit in WordPad or other text editor. There may be a folder location in that file where it was saved on my computer. When you save the file on your computer it will insert your own file path. You can always go into the file and delete my folder path if it is a problem. Virginia
  9. Printing to JPG

    Bob - The file has to go into the Configuration Files folder under TMG9. Virginia
  10. Printing to JPG

    Bob - If your email address is still the same as in your WG forum information, I sent you a simple VCF configuration file you can experiment with. These are simple text files - so you can read through the settings to get an idea of how to downsize a wall chart. Virginia
  11. Printing to JPG

    Can you cut down on the amount of information in each box - limit to birth/death years and locations? The threads on the forum about one-page charts may give you some ideas for creating multiple smaller charts. Virginia
  12. Printing to JPG

    Are you including images? Virginia
  13. Font Size in Reports

    Morbius - Searching the TMG list archives for 'font size change in bibliography', this problem of random font size changes in the bibliography goes back at least to 2012. I did not see a solution. If you send it to Word is there a hidden code in there? Virginia
  14. Unable to print ancestor chart

    Note that Win10 provides a PDF printer. I don't know what options it provides but you might want to check it out. See the link to instructions for printing large charts here: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?/topic/14684-printing-large-charts-to-pdf/&do=findComment&comment=59391 The Visual Chartform Forum has many examples of one-page charts. The forum is here: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?/forum/18-visual-chartform-and-chartform-delivery/ and information for one page charts specifically here: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?/topic/13000-one-page-charts/ Hope this helps - Virginia
  15. Login In from Cell Phone

    In case the web site uses cookies (I think most do), you might check the settings in Safari to make sure it is accepting cookies (the default is Never) - Virginia
  16. bc dates

    TMG and similar software are widely used in Biblical Genealogy research. Search Google for examples of the timelines. Virginia
  17. program errors

    Try this: File / Maintenance / Initialize Repeat Files. Virginia
  18. Did you go into TMG / File / Printer setup and select the new printer? Virginia
  19. Try a Google Search for 'TMG Win10 printer problems'. Maybe something there will apply to your case. Virginia
  20. Corrupt word output Pedigree chart Windows 10

    JeffM - Did you use the doc file type in Word? In TMG Help for the Pedigree Report: Note: If you are using Microsoft Word 2013, you should choose the Rich Text Format (RTF) file type to save the report rather than the Microsoft Word (DOC) file type. This tabular report is not compatible with the table structure used in Microsoft Word 2013. As I recall there were 3 tabular reports in TMG which showed this problem. Virginia
  21. Deleting Index file so I can create new one

    Bill - To find your answer, use the Search button at the upper right of the forum and enter REPPUSH. Virginia
  22. Backup error

    LuAnn - Most TMG error messages (and their solutions) - including this problem - can be found on Google Search. Just copy/paste the error message in Google Search. Could be an external exhibit, but check Google. Virginia
  23. Flags item in person window

    Doris - Do you normally include the Flag window in your layout? If you click on the top menu - Window / Flags, does that activate the Flag window in your layout? Note that if you modify the layout to include the Flag window, you should save it with a new name so that modified layout will be available again. Virginia
  24. Automatic Relationship problems

    Ruth - TMG is following the conventions of genealogy research. There is a definition of 'direct-line' and 'collateral-line' ancestors here: http://wiki.genealogytoday.com/direct_line.html The people who appear in the TMG Pedigree report are the direct-line ancestors. This is the convention for professional genealogists - but for our own purposes there is nothing wrong with modifying the way TMG presents the relationships if we find it more clear. It sounds like you have found a good work-around. In my one-page charts on the VCF forum, I often used color to show collateral lines. Virginia
  25. TMG Gold Version 7.04 WordPort Spawn Error

    See earlier message thread here: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?/topic/15986-report-printing/ Virginia