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  1. V7.04 update problem missing string.fpt

    Hi Virginia & Jim Yes, viewing the hidden files worked. After finding the folder I carried out Jim's instructions. Everything worked great. I am now up and running again. Thank you both for your help. It saved me a wasted holiday weekend and a lot of stress! Kris
  2. V7.04 update problem missing string.fpt

    Hi Jim Thanks for your response. I am drawing a blank on finding a ‘ProgramData’ folder either on the C drive or in TMG. I deleted the strings.fpt file in the TMG program and ran the V7.04 update. I still get the strings.fpt missing or invalid and the program won't open. The file is listed in the TMG program as a 1 KB file. Kris
  3. When trying to upgrade from V7.03 to V7.04 I get the following message: Memo File C:\Programdata\the master genealogist V7\string.fpt is missing or invalid. I have downloaded the update program twice with the same results. I am running Windows Vista Business. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks Kris