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  1. Hi Michael, I thought I had replied to your reply, but I don't see it here. I would like to thank you for your help; your suggested worked perfectly and we are now able to back up our date once again. Thank you very much for your assistance. Leon Sydney Australia
  2. My TMG V9.05 has been working very well for several months with all the updates installed as they were released. Just over a week ago, 4 Feb 2015, I was attempting to do a routine backup of my project, and the above error message came up. I thought initially I must have entered something in some part of my data entry and started to review my past entries. I copied my project from my Toshiba Laptop and loaded onto my old Desktop PC which has the TMG v9.05 on it as well, and the backup worked perfectly. So on my Laptop I tried the sample project supplied with the TMG v9 Disc; and attempted to do a backup, the same error message came up. This then proved it was not my data entry that was at fault. All other functions appear to be working perfectly and I am continuing to use the program, but I would like to be able to backup my data on my laptop. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium. Does anyone have a fix for my problem? Suggestions gracefully accepted. Leon Sydney Australia
  3. In selectecting the "Invidiual Narrative with sources review" button; a report appears with some correct information but in the middle of this report is included completely unrelated material from an unrelated person. Has any one else experienced this problem? Does anyone know how to rectify this situation? I have TMG v 7.04 and using Windows XP updated to s3 Any suggestions welcomed. Leon