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  1. Problem solved. Uninstalled TMG8 and all its components and went back to TMG7. I'll Check back next year to see how we are doing with TMG8. Someday I'll remember not to fall for this "upgrade to a new version" statement. lol.
  2. Same here. No change. Looks like its time to move on. TMG was good when it worked.
  3. Same here, its grayed out........
  4. If I may jump in this topic...... Unable to backup TMG8 as well. Getting the same "Cannot Quit Visual FoxPro" window. Try to use th [...] button to direct where I want to backup to go, but doesn't help. Will follow this topic and the other one to see how other members get their back up working.
  5. Lost Exhibits

    Judy I, Take your time with this program. I started using this last month and found that it does have a bit of a learning curve. Explore the sample that is included, then enter just a few of you family members on a new tree. The book does help. DaHen
  6. This is a known bug in v7.04. If you click [ignore] on the error messages, the disable/enable function will work. Thanks Jim, I was about to inquire about this same error message. Thanks for the info. DaHen