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  1. Sorry I may not have answered prev emails as I was locked out and couldn't register in other email addresses for reasons unknown. Particular apologies to Darryl Rowles asd I lost all prev emails to get back in. I havent touched V4 for a few years and simple things are becoming a problem, so I hope you can help. I was one of small number of people using TMGW at that time. The help menu assumed too much geneaolgy programme knowledge in this version. Problem : In the descendents indented chart report I have broken generation lines ---I came across this when first started and can't find how to correct it. I looked up help and old posts. I must not be using correct jargon to get a hit. All my old correspondence from support/ forum is so faded I can't read the emails. So I do have a few problems mounting up and I hope someone can direct me to help topics that I can understand. kind regards
  2. Ok, Thanks for the advice Virginia
  3. Thank you very much for the fonts Virginia. I installed them but all but one (Alinetmg.ttf) installed as it should have. helvsb75.TTF is ok. The other two installed the ttf file in capital letters. (Also there is an additional one Helvss43.TTF that may or may not be a relevant font.) I tried to change Helvass75.TTF and wholly.TTF to lower case but I got a message that it was unstable. I did get a messsage to override the fonts I had and one was wholly.ttf. It now as capital letter extension TTF I reinstalled each one seperately several times. I also went out of windows to restart and then later to a complete close down. Unfortunately the line hasn't been fixed. I cant understand why a ttf should install as TTF, although all windows fonts have a TTF on the end. I dont know if this is important. I also deleted about 100 fonts I didn't recognise and I changed the chart font to verdana 9, but still no luck. I even tried a print out to see if it was the same and it was still a broken line. I am sure if they had installed as lower case this would solve the problem as my memory is gradually coming back to when I first installed them. I am sure it was the fonts that solved my line problem. regards kaye Ps Since you are a moderator can you please tell me why I am not getting email notifications of a reply. This message is in my account <You are currently receiving email notification of replies >
  4. Hello Virginia I dont have these two A Line TMG (Alinetmg.ttf) HelvSB75 (helvsb75.TTF) It looks as though the first one is the one I want. I will investigate this now I know what I am looking for Once again Thank you Kaye will
  5. Hi Virginia Ah yes I remember now, these 4 fonts had to be downloaded seperately not long after I first got the package for the same reason. However because I had to download the patch to get the dec charts to work just recently, I may not have got them back. Aso looking more closely at old charts I tried both arial and Tahoma in 9 font. The didn't look like my old charts and still had broken line. These other 4 fonts probably need restoring. I will get on to it. I am sure they are the slution. If not will get rid of fonts I never use. Re endnotes. When I changed the fonts in geneal tag I saw there was a publications source. This had been marked as endnotes and memos to show. So this is the solution to the tags. Many thanks for your time and interest. Kaye
  6. Hello Colin I have no answer for you but you may be a ble to help me please. I transferred some data into Family Tree Maker (the person who gave me the information installed it on my computer). I am now looking at where I go from here. I only need to transfer one large line from the whole file he gave me in FTM Did you find a source on how to just merge into my main TMG database one file only? My data base is over 6,000 names and very comprehesive as just reaching the end of 30 yrs work. So do not want to merge all my data as mine is comprehesive and correct. I wouldn't have asked if I had not seen your post as I havent checked any other sources re this TMG problem and like you apprciate people are giving their time voluntarily.. kind regards
  7. Hi Virginia Yes the screnshot is correct. I am using times new roman. I had to get a patch for the reports because I havent used V4 for years so can't say what I used to use. Also while I have got you can you please tell me why I am getting tags in these charts (same as generation numbers but smaller typescript) . They start at number 1 and some have three tags. 677 I have removed all my tags from my reports. This is also new behaviour. Thank for taking the time to clarify this as it will help the moderator. Many thanks
  8. Thank terry, I didn't get a notification that this message was there. Yes you are right I realise not many people us V4. I just posted saying the same thing. I know on lister who used V4 by preference. > The paralle lines that link the geneartions should be solid black lines. I am getting broken lines ------ instead of solid black. Note: this is in the descendents indented chart. I hope you can help and yes will look at your help topics. Virginia has ansered showing a sceenshot. She knew what I meant but not how to fix it. Thought it may be fonts. regards kaye
  9. I have just seen an old discussion where V4D (I have Gold) is known to be not compatible with XP but member still using it. So this answers my question somewhat. I have just started using it after a 5 yr break although printed of occasional chart and added deaths. So havent used it long enough to find any other instabilities. I dont want to upgrade unless I have to as only use basic features and have nearly completed research. When I print the descendants chart it gathers info and then gives a message "cannot find CTL3D. DLL " I have done a repair and nothing wrong. What is the best solution for me please? I believe this first post will be seen by a moderator so hope I can get assistance. If I reinstall the old programme will it help? If I update I am going to need advice and assistance as I backed up in D drive (I didn't have much space in memory but stacks now). In my old file, I see where a member wrote about probems with this practice. I also made a pigs breakfast out of my file names and wonder if I would just start again with new file name when reinstalling or upgrading. Llearning new package is not what I need at the moment. On the other hand I will have to use it in conjunction with a printing company so it needs to be stable in 6 months time. Your assistance will be appreciated. I have had no luck contacting Wholley genes.
  10. Thanks Barbara Support also sent me the file today before I tried to downoad. But they still didn't answer my question about 4D (if it is earlier or later as Gold isnt listed) and feasibility of upgrading to the lowest I can, if I need to ie 5 or 6 without going to 7 which someone said was a different programme altogether and I am using only basic data base features. Also I would have to buy 7 which is expensive to me, plus learning how to use it I can't deal with at this time. Someone, who is like me and likes 4, didn't like it. Since you are in the know perhaps you can provide me with this information please? I have 8,000 people in data base and growing to approx 100 I think. Then I am finnished with the programme. But I do need to export it to a printer (as in occupation) - how, I dont know Thank you so much for your time. I can get back to support on this as it isn't urgent if this file works. Just tell me I understand. king regards
  11. Great Jim, I will get onto it. Many thanks kaye
  12. Thank you Barbara. What a simple solution. I managed to get through to support and hopefully they will send it. If not I will request it. Very pleased. Thanks again regards