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  1. I have just seen an old discussion where V4D (I have Gold) is known to be not compatible with XP but member still using it. So this answers my question somewhat. I have just started using it after a 5 yr break although printed of occasional chart and added deaths. So havent used it long enough to find any other instabilities. I dont want to upgrade unless I have to as only use basic features and have nearly completed research.


    When I print the descendants chart it gathers info and then gives a message "cannot find CTL3D. DLL " I have done a repair and nothing wrong.


    What is the best solution for me please? I believe this first post will be seen by a moderator so hope I can get assistance.


    If I reinstall the old programme will it help? If I update I am going to need advice and assistance as I backed up in D drive (I didn't have much space in memory but stacks now). In my old file, I see where a member wrote about probems with this practice. I also made a pigs breakfast out of my file names and wonder if I would just start again with new file name when reinstalling or upgrading.


    Llearning new package is not what I need at the moment. On the other hand I will have to use it in conjunction with a printing company so it needs to be stable in 6 months time.


    Your assistance will be appreciated. I have had no luck contacting Wholley genes.