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  1. Version 8?

    I need the output. Thanks. I know that TMG doesn't give dates, but they indicated a long time ago that they were working on the problem. Their recommendation before I bought my new laptop was go ahead and get the 64-bit. Other programs do not have this particular problem. Myunderstanding is that TMG will not be fixing the issue until TMG 8.
  2. Version 8?

    Stumbling along with FTM on my new computer using 64-bit Windows Vista. Can't use FTM's online functions with it and and TMG 7 won't work for 64-bit yet either. Wondering when TMG 8 might be coming. I've been delaying, and delaying...making a decison for TMG until it can work completely with 64-bit Vista. I realize that creative genius takes time and that you have to run the company at the same time. We don't seem to have any ideas or teasers about a possible date. Personally, this is the optimum opportunity for me to change programs. I am pretty sure that I want it to be to TMG. I've been researching TMG a long time but I need to have my files up to date on the new computer soon.