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  1. Thank you Michael for deleting the second post. I did not intend to post twice.


    I replaced the corrupted PJC fil with the last good PJC file. Having not develed deeply into the file, the only apparent issue is one accent color was changed.


    Any thoughts on just using the known good PJC file in an existing file?


    I have a good backup from which I can resume. This file only sets me back about three sources and about three hours work.


    My last .sqz file is in the working directory and it too is corrupted.

  2. Any ideas as to why TMG would give the error "file name xxxxxx does not appear to be a valid PJC file"?


    I'm using TMG version 9 and the file I'm trying to open is also a TMG version 9. My computer had a slight crash after which I began experiencing issues with accessing my project file.


    I've tried unsuccessfully several times to access my project file.


    I also tried unsuccessfully recovering my most recent backup made through TMG. The program is giving me an error about not being able open the ZIP file and says the file may be corrupted.


    Any ideas?


    Really prefer to recover from the PJC file.


    Thank you!

  3. I read the posts here and I'm very leary of "upgrading" to version TMG v. 9.


    When TMG v. 8 came out, I "upgraded" and almost immediately "downgraded" to version 7 and I'm still there.


    Is version 9 even worth the effort to try the trial version?


    I have a system backup so, getting rid of it is just a matter of a 30 minute recovery time.


    With so much time and effort invested in TMG and the website capabilities with Second Site, I'm hard pressed to just drop TMG and migrate to Roots Magic. And for me Family Tree Maker is out of the question. FTM is the reason I switched to TMG.


    Comments appreciated.

  4. Tried several times to add an exhibit in TMG 8.1.


    This error comes up while trying to add JPG and/or PDF files:


    OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 58 GETFILEY.


    After installing TMG 8, I did not try to add any exhibits - so not sure if the problem existed then. Definately an issue in TMG 8.1.


    I'm using WIndows XP with all the latest updates from Microsoft if this matters.


    NEVER had an issue with adding exhibits, so I'm going out on a limb here to say this is definately a TMG issue.


    Anyone with fix ideas????

  5. First the great news. Just bought and started using TMG 8. Migration from TMG 7 to TMG 8 appears flawless.


    Now the bad news.


    When creating a Family Group Sheet in TMG 8 to print as a PDF, the very first endnote appears as an Arabic numeral 1 and the remaining endnotes all appear as Roman Numerals.


    I searched throughout the Family Group Sheet report options and cannot find any setting for changing this.


    I made an individual narrative report and the endnotes appear as Arabic numerals - which is what I want.


    Any hints or is this a programming issue for Bob Velke?


    Thank you in advance!

  6. Has anyone created a source type for prayer cards or memorial cards?


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but neither of Elizabeth Shown-Mills' books appears to address this very important source type.


    I've started a source type based on the newspaper / obituary format. Here's what I have so far:


    [NAME OF PERSON], prayer card, [FUNERAL HOME NAME], [ADDRESS]<, [DATE]>; privately held by<, [REPOSITORY]><, [REPOSITORY ADDRESS]><, [CD]><. Hereinafter cited as [?????]>.


    The question marks are just one of many issues here.


    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  7. Does anyone know how to create a focus group of people associated with a particular source without having to go through each person, finding them, and manually entering each person?


    I have about 80 people with death certificates from a particular state and want to create a focus group of just these people.


    I have another group of about 150 people death certificates from another state for which I need to create a separate focus group.


    Any help will be appreciated.


    Thank you!

  8. Under the Master Source List in TMG Version 7 the following sorting options are available: Sorce Number, Abbreviation, Title and Default Surety.


    Does anyone feel, as I do, that an additional sorting option to "sort by date" would benefit them in any way? If so, please continue reading and then let Mr. Velke know that you want this feature.


    I have long wanted this sorting feature. I believe I sent a letter to Bob Velke about this very issue some years back. His reply was that if other customers asked for the same thing he would consider adding this option. Well, I'm hoping that additional TMG users might find this feature useful and will request it.


    I want to sort the Master Source List by date for four reasons:

    (1) with date sorting, I could renumber my sources and these sources would automatically appear in the correct chronological order without having to change them in any event;

    (2) currently, I have sources on reports that are out of numerical order, such as 1, 8, 3, 5, etc. (this looks sloppy on reports) I want these sources to appear in the correct numerical and chronoligical order;

    (3) Generating a Master Source List report by date would aid in my research by more efficient source tracking;

    (4) I am now up to 1,057 sources - manually sorting these and renumbering them would require a significant amount of my time - time that I don't have to do this.


    I realise that one would normally not want to change source numbers when generating reports or books over time. However, an occasional sort by date and renumbering would not negatively impact the grand scheme of research to any significant degree. After all, a "renumber" option is already there, so why not sort by date and then renumber from that point?


    Thank you,

    John Weidner