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  1. Image size to work in VCF

    Thank you both for your answers. I will reduce the size considerably from the previous size I had. I will make them external for ease of backup. I don't think the saved edits was the problem since I went directly from the TMG generation to the copy but I will keep this in mind when editing these charts in the future. Since I have many images It will take me a couple of days to go through them all.
  2. I am using TMG 7.03. All as worked well until outputting charts to VCF. If TMG does all the output it works fine. If I need to add lines that don't print from standard report options I have read that we can cut and paste from multiple reports. This works fine until I include exhibits. Then I consistently get out of memory errors. I am runnig windows XP with 4gb of memory. I brought the images into TMG as internal images and the size of those images, in the exhibit folder, is 1200 X 1800 at 300 dpi. What size should I use to ensure I can get adequate image output for all reports and charts?