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  1. I apologize for asking a very basic question. I am trying to enter the following formatted text into the sentence for an OCCUPATION event tag: Robert Gardner and his brother-in-law, Arthur Bell opened an ironmonger store called Bell & Gardner in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia circa 1865. An adverisement in The (Rockhampton) Bulletin dated 07 January 1865 reads: BELL & GARDNER have now made arrangements for having direct shipments of Ironmongery from Britain. The first is to land per "Elizabeth Anne Bright," consisting of- Bar and rod iron Axles blocks and boxes Bolts and nuts Horse shoes and nails Holloware Cutlery, &c, &c. Sometime thereafter, they opened another ironmonger store in Maryborough, Queensland along with Charles R. Powell called Powell, Gardner & Bell. On 15 November 1875, the partnerships with Arthur Bell were disolved. Arthur Bell went on to operate the ironmonger store in Rockhampton under the name Arthur Bell & Co. but soon declared bankruptcy. Charles Powell and Robert Gardner continued to operate the ironmonger store in Maryborough under the new name, Powell & Gardner. However, Robert Gardner left before the end of 1877 bound for new opportunities in New Zealand. It is not known whether Charles Powell continued to operate the ironmonger business in Maryborough after Robert Gardner's departure. 1. In the sentence structure field, I press <F7> to open a larger memo window for editting. 2. I right click in the memo field and select "Apply Formatting Codes" As I am entering text, I highlight appropriate sections and select itallics by a right click using the mouse. As I toggle between "Apply Formating Codes" and "Show Formatting Codes" I either see these sections in itallics or the underlying formatting codes, as expected. I inserted carriage returns [:CR:] and tabs [:TAB:] to achieve the formatting above. However, when I select "Apply Formating Codes" the formatting codes [:CR:] and [:TAB:] remain and the text is not shown as the expected output. If I right click with the mouse and select "Show no codes", a new, read-only window appears. The all formatting codes are gone but the displayed text does not reflect the expected formatting. Questions: 1. Am I doing something wrong when entering a larger amount of text with formatting? 2. Is there a better alternative to entering and formatting text? For example, what are the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the sentence blank and attaching the formatted text as an external RTF, HTML or DOC exhibit? The above procedure just feels so 1980ish. Thanks! David
  2. Is there a method to output someone's role in a sentence? For example: Event = marriage Role = best man Name = John Doe Sentence: John Doe was the best man at the wedding of ... [R:best man] was the [role variable here] at the wedding of... Thanks, David