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  1. American Townships

    Sorry, Terry. Was just trying to help. Won't happen again.
  2. The only 'Pedigree' print option is pdf. The 'Pedigree - Compressed' print options are the full list. (go figure.) As a side note: To restore the default font, pitch, etc. of any report select the default report and click delete. TMG will tell you you can't delete a default report but do you want to reset the defaults. Click 'yes' and the defaults are restored.
  3. Collate Sequence Sorting

    The collating sequence works by sorting the bit pattern of the characters. Very simply, an 'É' (00C9) is a larger 'number' than just an 'E' (0045) no matter the language. Take a look at the Windows Character Map. It displays the colating sequence of the selected language. I'm not sure that there is any way around the problem.
  4. Spreadsheet export

    ETA 10JUL2010: I figured out what my mental hangup was. I was stuck in MS Works 9 mode, which had been my output suite. I finally bit the bullet and got Office Home and Student 2010. But mentally I had not made the 'upgrade'. Some days it just don't pay to get out of bed. For some reason I got hung up on 'export'. It never occured to me to generate a report and output to excel. Works like a charm. THANK YOU! Before you lock/delete this thread please feel free to gather around and me.
  5. The only way that I've seen to produce a spreadsheet from TMG7.04 is with export. I've tried producing csv, tab, xls. In all cases I get 27 files that are some what useless when I bring them into Excel 2010. The only file that seems close ends with a '$' sign and it doesn't have all the data I need. Any guidence would be appreciated
  6. Grave GPS Coordinates

    Since about the best GPS accuacy is only going to be about 1m, I think you would be better off with traditional survey methods.
  7. Last Edited Date

    Dave, I had a similar problem. My solution was to create an 'update' tag by making a copy of the history tag, changing the label to 'update' and show the memo field which contains who submitted the update by name, record id and my custom reference number. I can add citations if needed and surities. Since the tag has a date field that never changes I don't care what the change date is. John
  8. Dave, I think John Cardinal's Utility may work. It may take a couple of passes to complete. Re-read the explantion of 'Filters' and 'Rules' on his site with reference to changing place parts. Do write out what your fileters and rules are and 'play' computer with a number of records to see if it works. If you decide to try, FIRST make a complete backup of your project to where you normaly backup, then make a second complete backup to an external media, then make a third complete backup to a different external media. (Backups have been known to be corrupted.) Pass 1: IF [date/year]<= 1807 AND [County]= St. James Parish THEN the Rule would move Acadian Coast to [County] ENDIF. That would complete Pass 1. Throughly check that all is correct. If not try to figure out why, restore you project from a backup and try again until it is right. When you get it right, make the three complete backups as above. Pass 2: (there is no reason to chck the date as you have done that in Pass 1. All the correct records were selcted/changed.) IF [County]=Acadian Coast THEN the Rule would move whatever you want to the other place fields ENDIF. That would complete Pass 2. Throughly check that all is correct. If not try to figure out why, restore you project from a backup made after Pass 1 and try again until it is right. Do one step at a time. Verify and check after each pass.
  9. I don't think that TMG v7 plays well with anything 64bit. But, that will be fixed 'in the fullness of time'.
  10. See: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...6&hl=update . You can also check for the most current version in the upgrades center here: http://www.whollygenes.com/Merchant2/merch...screen=UPGRADES. @cisco12: See: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...showtopic=12005 . (Search is your friend )
  11. Lloyd's previous question was how to produce a file that could be edited in MS Word on an W7/64 machine. If TMG7 will produce a .txt file that can be opened in Word then there is no reason to produce a .pdf file. It, as you stated, is an extra step with no benefit. I was under the impression that TMG would only produce a .pdf file under W7/64.
  12. Lloyd, have you tried generating a .pdf, opening the .pdf and then saving it as a .txt file? I have the free Adobe Reader. It has the ability to save a .pdf file as a .txt file. Not the most elegent work-around but maybe(?) the simplist.
  13. Transmitting files

    That was it! (Being 'stupid smart' I had checked every box so I wouldn't forget anything.) That reduced the size to 5.9MB. Once I go through unchecking the other 'stupid smart' stuff it may reduce the size somewhat more. Thank you. Jim, Virginia your suggestions about Server space and dropbox WILL be investigated as at some point I'll probably need to use them. Thanks all! ----- ETA: Going through all the stuff and unchecking reduced the size to 884KB.
  14. I need to send my files, TMG .szq file plus external exhibits folder, to another family member on a regular basis. As reported by Windows the current .sqz is 44.6MB, the external exhibits folder is 38.6MB. The problem I am encountering is that the files are to too big to attach to an email message. Email errors out. I have tried zipping both the .sqz plus the exhibits folders into a new folder, tried sending individualy zipped, tried sending individualy unzipped. All failed. I do understand that zipping a .sqz and photos gains little if anything. Also, I would prefer not to have to put them on a memory stick and snail mail them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.