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  1. I am interested in downloading TMG and trying it out. If I purchase it and TMG V8 comes out soon after it can I get a free upgrade? Just wondering how it worked. I want to try TMG but don't want to miss out on V8 or pay twice. Thanks
  2. Albright, Betty Lou

    Wow, I was checking out your page to see what TMG could do and found some of my names that I am researching with some new info. Thanks.
  3. Publication Tools

    Thanks for your help. I went throught the tutorial and loved what I saw. Loved all you can do with the program, so much more than any other program I have seen out there. I think I may try the 30 day trial but will have to schedule it when I know I can spend a lot of time working with it.
  4. Publication Tools

    Okay, not really computer literate. I have microsoft word. So does this mean I could do the whole book then transfer it to microsoft word then transfer it to a portable jump drive so I could take it and get it printed? The book I made on FTM did not print correctly the bios I wrote and had to print them out individually then add them in. A big pain. I have looked over the TMG and it has some great features that I love. The only bad things I have heard about it is that it is hard to learn. I have been doing genealogy for 15 years and I think TMG would be able to handle all the info I would like to add.
  5. Publication Tools

    I currently have FTM v8 and am looking to change to a new program. I am looking for a program that can publish in book form. Can TMG publishing be saved to a portable file and then be taken to a store to print? The FTM I have now cannot. Did not realize this till I had put together a 60+ page book. Also, can word documents be added to the book? Any other info on your publishing features would be great. Thanks