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  1. A useful tip to store away. John
  2. Entering Exhibits

    Thanks Jim, Regards John O.
  3. Entering Exhibits

    *********************** Thanks Jim, From your comments I have now determined that from any given exhibit log I can get a variation of views dependent upon my choice of focus for that log. This has helped me to some degree. However I'm still not sure on how many exhibit logs to which I should attach the same exhibit. Further, when I use a photo of a headstone identifying multiple persons buried in the same plot should I rename the exhibit file for each person (Principal) for whom I use it associated with their Death & Burial Tags, or is it OK to use the same file multiple times?
  4. Entering Exhibits

    Wholly Genes Forum John Oldman 28th May 2010 TMG Gold v 7.04.000 Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3 2.93 GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM ENTERING EXHIBITS I have set up my exhibits as external, in a tree of folders. I currently have 100 files in total in the tree. When I view the Exhibit Log, with a focus of All Exhibits, in either of the Details, Tag Entry or Citations windows I get a count of 215 exhibits. QUESTION 1: Is this what I should expect or have I erred in entry of exhibits. · My procedure was to enter all Primary exhibits, portraits, via the icon on Details window · All other Exhibits I entered in each of the Tag Entry and Citations windows, i.e. 2 entries each person. I have searched all 53 pages of the Forum seeking guidance, but I am not convinced that I completely understand it all. Upon experimenting I have discovered that when I have a Tag Entry with a Witness(es) if I only attach an exhibit to the Citation window that exhibit does not show in the Witness(es) Exhibit Log, whereas I need to attach the exhibit to the Tag Entry window. QUESTION 2: If I have erred, what is the correct, or recommended, process.
  5. Forum Topics Index

    Is there an Index for TMG 7 Forum listing all the individual postings of the 49 pages arranged in "like subject" groupings? John O.
  6. Expanded Picklist

    Virginia, To each of your 4 questions above, the answer is NO. Regards John
  7. Expanded Picklist

    I have run the Maintenance routines (on the File menu) as suggested The group of 8, all females having a Tag Type of Name-Marr, originally on the top of the PickList, are now back in numerical order within the whole PickList. However, the 40 Person Names, all having an ID Number as 0, that I would have expected to see as ID’s 138 to 177, have now disappeared. A further check also reveals 3 of those 40, who were in the Witness box of the Marriage Tag for ID’s 1 & 2 are no longer showing as Witnesses John
  8. Expanded Picklist

    Thanks Virginia On reading my posting I realised that I should have been a little more explicit as follows:- "From then on I have 40 Person Names, all having an ID Number as 0, when I would have expected to see ID’s 138 to 177, once again including Name-Marr & Name-Var tags". Can I re-number these, or will Optimise fix it? John
  9. Expanded Picklist

    Wholly Genes Forum John Oldman TMG Gold v 7.04.000 Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3 2.93 GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM My Expanded Picklist (250 names) has, I believe, some errors as follows. When sorted by ID Number, the top 8 persons are in numerical order in their group of 8, but out of numerical order in the complete Picklist.This group of 8 are all females having a Tag Type of Name-Marr [*]From ID Number 1 to ID Number 137 all seems to be correct, including Name-Marr & Name-Var [*]From then on all Person Names have an ID Number as 0, once again including Name-Marr & Name-Var [*]I have attempted to add a new Witness having a completely new ID Number, but it shows up as a Name-Var for existing ID Number 137 How do I fix these errors please?
  10. Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3 2.93 GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM For the Marriage Tag (^M) I have created Witness Roles for every member of the Wedding Party and also the minister, with a specific Sentence Structure assigned to each Role. When I create an Individual Narrative for P1 or P2, the report shows that P1 married P2, the daughter of <[PARO]>, as I would expect, but it does not report the Roles of any of the other Witnesses. Where is my error please? Furthermore, what is the difference between the Tags of Marriage (^M), Marriage 1, & Marriage 2 ? Note: John, never post your TMG user number in public - I have edited it out. Terry Reigel, moderator.