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  1. [My account is still under Karen Mauer Green, but I am now Karen Mauer Jones!] Okay, I admit it. I did multiple things wrong in preparing for the end of TMG support! Here's my problem: TMG was working fine from 2014 until about 2017, when my computer died. I had not taken the necessary precautions, but I had at least set it up so the backups went to Dropbox. I still had the original CD and unlock codes. I installed the program on the new computer. I could see my data, but not make changes. Busy with other projects, I still didn't take the necessary precautions. Now I have a 2019 computer and can't even get the program to load. The 2017 computer still works (just works like it's gummed up with molasses!), but it won't allow me to make a GEDCOM. My last backup (a .SQZ file) is still there in Dropbox, though. Could I send that file to another user (hopefully someone more computer savvy than me) and have him /her pull it into their working TMG, create a GEDCOM, and send it to me? I would be forever grateful!
  2. Will I be able to have my TMG on the new Droid smartphone?

    Thanks for you help! I figured it would be a 3rd party developer, but also figured you'd have good leads for me. Thanks!
  3. I'm very attracted by Verizon's new Droid smartphone, but will I be able to have my TMG on it? It has the android O/S that supposedly will run more apps.