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  1. I have about 800 census events entered, with many more to go. A more intuitive entry procedure would be helpful. I find I am often going back to pick up little tidbits I missed, like the HOH's occupation, or the street address. A single form with a place for EVERYthing would help. But what happens after you enter the data into the grid and press "go"? Does TMG generate a "conventional" census event? What about citations? You'd have to be able to pick and choose a format, or perhaps "build your own". I think you've got an interesting idea here, but "the devil is in the details". Can you expand more on how you'd like to see this work? BCT
  2. External vs. Internal Exhibits

    Thanks Jim. That was very helpful. And I'll check the help topics you suggest. I've found good stuff in there before.
  3. External vs. Internal Exhibits

    Thanks for the quick reply, Terry. I thought if I had both int and ext exhibits, I could have my cake and eat it too: one step backups, and compatibility with Second Site. I'm running TMG7 on windows 7 (64 bit), and so the only reports I'm running are PDF types, and at this point none have exhibits in them. I hadn't thought of the two copies per exhibit aspect. Like everyone else, I'm waiting to see what TMG8 capabilities are. I think I will probably go with the external only approach, but I'm still wondering about the directory structure questions I asked in my previous post. Thanks again, BCT
  4. External vs. Internal Exhibits

    I have over 800 exhibits, mostly census images, and all internal. I am considering changing them all to external, or perhaps initially, having both an internal and an external entry for each exhibit. My question is, with external exhibits, am I locked in to the directory structure where I have the images stored? If I change the directory structure, do I blow all my external exhibit references? And, I suppose, if want to put my project on another computer, then the identical directory structure must be set up on that computer? I am still adding more exhibits. As you point out, internal exhibits increase the size of the backup file, but I don't have a problem with that, since my machine with a 500 GB hard drive is used exclusively for genealogy. In fact, I find it an advantage to have the exhibits and data backed up in one operation. I'm not ready for Second Site yet, but I may come to it some day. I'm also waiting to see what kind of web site support appears in V8. What do you think of the idea of setting up both internal and external exhibits? Thanks, BCT
  5. Tmg v7.04-PDF printer driver and Win7

    Thank you very much. Sorry, I didn't see that. I can now create pdf files no problem. While this gets me out of my immediate report creation problem, it would be nice if I could make RTF files also. Any ideas on my problem there? Thank you again for your prompt and timely help. bctrail
  6. Tmg v7.04-PDF printer driver and Win7

    I am running TMG7 on windows 7. I, too, cannot create any PDF reports. I have no physical printer connected to my machine (my compatability problem). So I thought I'd create some pdf reports and pass them across my LAN to a machine with a functioning printer. But I think you're saying I have to install a pdf print driver EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO PRINTER. Is this correct? I also find I cannot create any RTF reports. When I try, I get a pop up window that says "Wordport spawn error". When I close that error window, I get another window that says "Conversion error #20; Unknown error - contact tech support". Please help. EDIT: I just tried to install the pdf driver. Everything went fine up to step 18. There is no "ports" tab. Just "general" and "Hardware". Perhaps this is because I have no physical printer connected? When I tried TMG to create a pdf report, PMG hung. What next? Thanks, bctrail
  7. I have just installed the 30-day trial version of TMG 7 on my new laptop running Windows 7. So far I like TMG. It does a lot more than what I'm using now. I have imported a GEDCOM with 310 names and all seems to be doing OK so far, except . . When I open the Project explorer, I get the expandable tree as I expect. But when I click (or double click) on a given name, I expect to have the focus person in the other windows shift to that person. However, nothing happens. When I click on a name in one of the other windows, the focus moves as I expect. What am I missing here? The other windows I'm using are the Details, Children, and Siblings windows. Thanks for your help. bctrail