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  1. TMG under Linux

    I was able to run TMG v7 under Ubuntu 11 under WINE (don't remember the version). However, I have not yet been able to make TMG v8 load under Ubuntu 12.10. I'm probably missing a dll or something--will let you know if I figure it out in the next few days. BB
  2. GEDCOM export--no ancestors

    the parameters are just set up as default on everything in the wizard. I have exported both to 4.0 and 5.5 gedcom files--same result. I have exported both my full file--about 20 k names--and subsets with 100-1000 names--same result. The file used was an upgraded file from v7--everything worked fine in that version. I also tried a restored backup of the same file from 7.0--got an even stranger result--the gedcom was only 1k large. I really don't know what is going on.
  3. GEDCOM export--no ancestors

    tried another export test. all the ancestor and decendent links are stripped--just the people. what to do?
  4. I just installed v 8.0 and I didn't see this specific topic. I have tried exporting GEDCOM 5.5 and 4.0 to upload to collaborative site. The site rejects the file as corrupted. I have exported my whole file (about 22k names), a and focus groups (about 2000 names and 200 names) as a experiment. I opened the GEDCOM in PAF as a test. The names appear but all the family ancestor links have been stripped. Some descendent links remain but when I go to them they do not show any ancestors either. Anybody else have this problem and is there a fix?
  5. parent/child link problems

    Thanks much. That fixed the problem. I must have lost the relationship while cleaning up. I deleted a primary parent tag in a descendant and lost the relationships to the ancestors. When I re-added it, it didn't reconnect.
  6. I have a child (my 19th ggf) linked to two primary parents--however the parents show as no relation (should be 20th ggf and ggm). I have deleted these parent links and re-added them. same problem. I have shut down the program and restarted it, same problem. what to do?